She is the Black People’s Victory!

Ebony Nichole,
Cincinnati, OH

For three days after my birth I was nameless because my Mama didn’t know she was having a girl. Born very light-skinned, my now very dark complexion didn’t come in until I was a week old. My mother’s friend came to the hospital to visit and brought her an Ebony Magazine. My mama asked her friend for girl name suggestions, and she recommended to name me….Ebony! My Daddy was adamant in choosing my middle name which is….Nichole. I share this naming story because it will become very significant in just a little bit, but first let me share some knowledge about racism.

Racism is a mental illness in case you weren’t aware. Just think about it, to harbor feelings of hatred towards disliked groups for reasons of skin color which is outside of anyone’s control. To physically attack, demean, belittle, have prejudice, bigotry, murder, discriminate for the mere reasoning of one’s hatred of skin color is delusional, and these are symptoms of mental illness. In America, it has become the accepted norm for the vast majority of it’s white population to have this mental illness. I am living in a world specifically in a country where living with the mentally ill has been tolerated, but no longer. I will no longer be a victim subjected to this kind of treatment and abuse. Since, I was a child I have been traumatized by racist acts against me, because of my dark skin. Normally, when someone is deemed mentally ill they seek mental health treatment, and/or hospitalization.

Now, here’s where the significance of my name comes into play. I have a purpose here on earth. My name was given to me by divine design, one that I was not aware of until just a few years ago. Let me break down the meaning of my name Ebony Nichole. Ebony means Black, and Nichole means the Victory of the people, now put those two together and you get…… Black People’s Victory!

I no longer apologize for my blackness and my black culture. I utilize every moment as a teaching moment for my white brothers and sisters to give them knowledge. You see Racism is not a black issue, but a white issue and they just need some education and connection in order for them to understand and accept that there is a problem in this country, and they can make a difference. I will continue on my mission to try and make a difference in this country and stand against racism, inequality, and injustice.

My name has a meaning and a purpose, and I will do everything to fulfill it.


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