She’s so basic, typical white girl.

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Marryn Hilliker,
Strasburg, PA.

I chose these words that are jokingly spoken towards me very frequently. I’m a 20 year old white girl, blue eyes, red hair (although my “basic-ness” was worse when I was a blonde) attending college, who just happens to be apart of a sorority, loves Starbucks coffee, participates in the Netflix binge, swears by leggings as pants, drives a VW bug, participates in Pinterest and Instagram, and is able to quote Mean Girls and Pitch Perfect. You might’ve read this post thinking how much more “basic” can she get, your alleged stereotypical white girl. Whenever this basic white girl label is brought up I always laugh and agree, yes this is me, along with numerous other college girls, but these are my hobbies, not my race. If you google basic white girl these characteristics, and others will inevitably appear. However, I find these associations with being white ironic. The basic white girl is rarely if ever associated with majoring in political science, fascinated by politics, law, international relations, economies etc, all by which I am, yet none of these attributes are a result of my race either.

Others may look at me and think I’m spoiled and privilege because I am a white girl. While I do consider myself exceedingly blessed, it has nothing to do with my race. My youngest brother is adopted from Guatemala, his skin evidently not matching my families, attract people’s eyes, always feel the need to stare and figure out the family dynamic. Individuals of other races have accomplishments that white people may not whether through sports or academics or careers. White people are always clumped together, like other races, and assumed that we have it all, but I guarantee we don’t. I didn’t chose to be white or choose the economic status I was born into, no one did. I didn’t choose to be born in America, but I was and I’m grateful for the privileges I have. So maybe I have some characteristics of a basic white girl, but I’m not her because of my race.


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