Simple Shorthand for Dismissing an “Other”

Vince Darcangelo,
Flort Collins, CO.

“Sadly, I believe that underlying the race issue is a deeper human need (perhaps fear- or anxiety-driven) to label and discount those different from us. I don’t believe it’s as simple as skin color. Skin color is simply the signifier that facilitates easy division or grouping. If we were all one color, we’d find some other feature on which to discriminate (e.g. Jane Elliott’s eye color discrimination test in the 1960s).

That’s why we will likely never eliminate racism, but also why we must never stop pushing back and educating against it. I like to think that the drive for justice is equally innate.

Also, Michele Norris’ talk at CSU on Tuesday was amazing. Thanks for coming to our town. It was great. Thanks.”


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