Skin color can´t define a person

R.E.A.L. Talk,
High Tech Middle Media Arts,
7th Grade Trailblazer

Race and racism isn’t something I’ve had really any experiences with all my life. I don’t know anyone, I’ve never heard or seen anything before videos and everything with this project, and nothing has ever happened towards me. The only experiences I’ve had are from again the videos and everything from this project. Also old friends I had growing up. My friends I had when I was 0-5 we’re all different ethnicities, so I grew up with all different kinds of people. “Race” wasn’t and isn’t something we ever worried about. All schools I’ve gone to haven´t been against any ¨races¨ either. I’ve never been taught anything with it and we never talk about it at home, but we still aren’t racist or haven’t cared about “races”. We don’t know what our ethnicity is. My mom was adopted, so she doesn’t really know much from her birth parent´s side. My dad doesn’t really know anything for his side. My mom knows her birth mother is Spanish but that’s all. My dad thinks he’s either German, French, or both, but he doesn’t remember. With this project and all I know, I’ll remember that race isn’t a thing and will continue to not judge someone by what “race” they are ad won´t ever be racist with this knowledge and already known knowledge. 😀

Race isn´t real, racism is.

You may think that race is scientifically real, but it actually isn´t; it is something us humans have made up. According to The Huffington Post,”For more than a century, natural and social scientists have been arguing about whether race is a useful classificatory tool in the biological sciences — can it elucidate the relationship between humans and their evolutionary history, between humans and their health. In the wake of the U.S. Human Genome Project, the answer seemed to be a pretty resounding “no.”” Race can´t explain your health or history, it is simply just a construct we have made that has turned into what it is today. With this evidence, you can see race really isn´t real. Just a social construct that people now believe that is biologically real. Even though race isn´t real, racism is. Racism even started before race was a thing; and both have real effects. According to a small article about a biological anthropologist, ¨Who’s especially interested in the scientific utility of the idea of race: he believes scientists cannot use race as shorthand for genetic variation. It’s inaccurate, and it also prevents us from seeing the consequences of living in a racist society.” Hopefully now you don´t think race is real, and know that it is just a social construct we have made up, and that racism however, is.


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