My Skin Color Doesn’t Define Me!


Don’t believe the hype!
I am African American!
I am not a violent criminal.
I have never been arrested!
I am not lazy and uneducated, on welfare, or living in poverty.
I am gainfully employed, and I attend California Baptist University!
I am not athletic.
I cannot play basketball or run fast!
I am African American!
I do not only listen to rap music.
I have a variety of music in my iTunes!
I am African American!
My ideal meal is not chicken and watermelon, and I don’t like grape soda.
I cannot remember the last time I ate chicken or watermelon!
I am an African America Woman!
I am not angry and bitter, loud, ghetto, or obnoxious.
I am strong willed, and loving; I carry myself with poise and respect!
I am a positive, single mother raising two young African American boys that will grow into respectable, dignified, trustworthy, educated, African American men.
I will continue to defy the negative stereotypes society attaches to me because I am African American!
I am a future attorney!
Don’t judge me by my skin color!


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