When Skin Color Fades Away

Sonia-and-Brother-1aLeonard Rios,
Imperial Beach, CA.

I am an American Indian on tribal roles and racism has followed my people childhood to present. I am a traditionalist and live an old school life style founded on respect and the spirit of taking only what we need and giving when all possible. I moved to Imperial Beach with high hopes only to face the reality that things may change but more than likely not in my lifetime. The latest example of racism and bigotry came to life and reared its ugly head in Imperial Beach on the corner of Elder and 7th street you can get first hand view on how racism and bigotry abound in our beautiful little city. How a single individual decided to take the law into his own hands and post offensive signs in his front lawn declaring there are thieves in our neighborhood. He went so far as to even describe the suspect individual indicating a young male, approximate age, color hair and personal habits, yet when asked, he said he never saw who allegedly entered his property. So begins the hunt for just about any young dark haired male in our community during out peek summer months and so goes the quiet secure image of our fair city. Some individuals have a need to be noticed as do gooder no matter whom they might hurt. I for one believe that the alleged theft, if it did occur, should have be left to our Local law enforcement to investigate. These offensive signs, clearly demonstrate a community of potential racist troublemakers. I for one believe our community is made up of a much higher caliber of families individuals. Such individual action on the part of a resident can only result in visitors viewing our beautiful city as a troubled neighborhood and undesirable to live in. I pray our city council and new mayor consider the negative aspect of such actions and seek a moderate solution. Our city has come to far so as to have a dark shadow to be cast upon it.

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  1. OneBlessedCat says:

    I am so tired of white entitlement, people talking about what our country has come to, and talk of building walls and fences. This is not our country its the country we stole, from The native Americans, and then wrotein our history books how they were savages, Does anyone remember the trail of tears, then I think it is undeniable who the true savages have always been not just in the country they stole but across the nations they destroyed before coming here. It breaks my heart everyday to think of the errogance of my fore fathers, and even at present the white race! What my race has done is wrong and unforgivable. It pains me that all I can do Is apologize for what was done, and I know thats not enough! Leonard Rios, I will pray for your community. I wish there was more than that I could do!

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