My skin doesn’t make me racist.


My family is proudly multicultural and many shades of brown, from my pinky-beige to my cousins’ deep cocoa tones. In the past year I have been accused of being racist more times than I can count. When I ask why they would say that the answer is always the same, “You’re white, all white people are racist.” I’m not. I didn’t grow up seeing any differences between myself and my family or friends we just had darker or lighter skin tones and a variety of features but that was just who we are–like some people have freckles.

I am not a racist. I resent those who assume I am. I’ve had people try to tell my cousins when we’re out together that they should be with their “people” instead of this “white devil”. They don’t cave to the pressure society places on them to seperate themselves from me or my other lighter cousins. We are a family, we are people, not colors.


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