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20 Responses to "Sometimes blacks are the biggest racists."
  1. McNett says:

    Sorry, blacks can’t be racists; however, they can be prejudiced. 

    • Kianna Young says:

      Umm, excuse me, but last time I checked, ANYBODY could be racist. Wanna know how? If you have a mouth and you have an opinion that pertains to a certain race and is derogatory in any way, YOU’RE RACIST! Race is NOT an excuse for being racist. Try Again. 🙂

    • Troof Detector says:

      OH yes they can. Even Jessie Jackson said so.

  2. Rita says:

    I have experienced big non-black racists.

  3. Ron says:

    Of course blacks can be racists. The sophistry used to argue that they can’t be racist is just to give some blacks cover for being racist. If, say, a bunch of black thugs beat someone up just because of his race, that’s racism. That’s more than just “prejudice.”

  4. srb199 says:

    I think I get what you’re trying to communicate. But racists in America have oppressed/oppress people in ways that require means and access. Black people do not have these means (yet…). 6 words make it difficult to (re)define racists/racism so that I can fully understand.

  5. Lorena says:

    You know what, there are uneducated people of all creeds. It is unfortunate that it has happened to you but by GENERALIZING you are perpetuating that type of nonsense.

  6. Kianna Young says:

    I have to say that I kind of agree. Although I think it kind of applies to all races if you think about it. I think another reason racism is still around is because of the generation you come from. If you were born in like the 30’s and up to about the 60’s I’d say that the racism thing is a really big part of your life because that’s what you grew up seeing and experiencing. Going into the most recent generations you find that we’re still racist but we use it as more of an excuse for why we are the way we are.

  7. WM-BW says:

    My wife & I get racism and honorable racist comments from parts (a large part) of the black community quite a bit. I am a white man, and My wife is a black woman. We hear all kinds of behind our back. But, If we go to a place that in predominantly “Black” The comments turn into Insults that are meant to be heard, and sometime right to our faces in an attempt to start physical confrontation. I have been struck tin the back of the head in a public restaurant filled with 85% black diners.
    On the Flip-Side We can walk into a Redneck hole-in-the-wall Biker bar with 1%er “Outlaw bikers….. Guess what happens?

    They thow thier hands in the air and say “Hey guys, whats going on? We’ve miss ya’ll. How’s the baby doing? Bet he’s gettin big, he’s what…. 9, 10 months old now? Ya’ll need to bring him in so we can see ’em.” Yea! Really! We’re not kidding.
    Now tell me blacks can’t be racist. I have the scars that say otherwise.

  8. Sick of the Bullshit says:

    What do you mean sometimes, they are always racist. They use the race card as excuse for all their ignorance, stupidity, arrogance, greediness, etc, etc.

    • applejuice says:

      No, blacks are not always racists. Just like not all whites are racists. I do agree that pulling the race card as an excuse is wrong, like if you get pulled over for speeding or drug possession, and you are black, its usually not because you are black. But unfortunately, there are some cases where people have been victims of unjust racism. There are some cases where things like drug/weapon possession & robbery are more associated with blacks, and (usually unconsciously) authority figures know that and tend to act on that notion. But the same thing can be said for the “random” citizenship paperwork checks in New Mexico, and “random” security checks at the airport to prevent terrorism. Goes to show how stereotypes have been un-rightfully been forced on some people, and it is a hard thing to deal with as a member of one of these races.

    • Fleur says:

      Well, well, well. A racist complaining about black people pulling the race card.

  9. It would be wise to study the history of racism. The view of race, it’s practice, and the separation thereof, was the law of the land for many generations. This view stopped many generations of blacks from owning land, owning homes, living in areas of their choice in all areas of this country, getting bank accounts, and credit, eating and dining in restaurants, using restrooms… and all backed up by law. There are still signs of this view posted in many establishments arround this country, and it states “We have the “RIGHT” to refuse service to any customer”, – The racist view of some blacks hold no power. It’s just words. It can’t stop you from living where you want to live, owning a home. getting credit, traveling wherever you please. But black people were forbiddon BY LAW to do these things… for generations.

    • Rexen says:

      Key word, “were”, not currently. People need to stop using history as a crutch for their own incompetency and lack of willpower. Get off your ass and go make something of yourselves. PS: blacks used to be the largest slave traders in the world before whites even knew what salve trading was. Do you see whites screaming for “slavery” renumeration ? No. Today’s current black generation need to own up to their shortcomings which were no way impacted by slavery. Their own grandmothers were barely impacted.

      • polarvortex says:

        Actually, to be historically accurate, Blacks were drastically impacted by slavery, and that effect can still be seen today. Ending slavery did not fix all of the problems. You seem to know your history. How long did it take to get blacks to vote? Even then when they were allowed, there were things like poll taxes and other tests to keep them from voting. If you were a slave just a couple of years back and had been a slave all of your live, how could you be capable of passing the literacy tests and such? Blacks certainly weren’t allowed in good schools. Fast forward a few decades. Blacks were forced to live in areas like ghettos, kept separate from the white areas. If you’ve ever seen a ghetto, there is pretty much nothing productive in those areas. Because racism was still big, there were very, very few blacks in college, so they were left with nothing to do but live in the ghetto, on low-class jobs and poor levels of education. Just as an interesting fact, African-American gangs started because the blacks weren’t allowed to join boy scouts. So they made their own clubs. While at first these “clubs” were quite peaceful, the members became fed up with the mistreatment by police. They were stopped if they walked in the wrong (by wrong I mean white) part of the neighborhood. Stopped by police for being black, literally. Why are so many black children fatherless? Lots here fathers were being taken out of their lives and put in the jail for literally no reason at all. They were treated like humans with no rights. No freedom. They were fed up with this racism, and became violent, and thus you have things like the Watts riot. Today’s gangs are a continuation of that anger, and forced ignorance by society. You see, its a cycle, and something has to be done to stop it. As for the race card, yes this is often misused. For example, someone who is pulled over for speeding and happens to be black, its is because they were speeding, not black. That incorrect race card belief is a product of ignorance and probably left over anger. (Remember, not even a full generation has passed since segregation ended. Several people from the mid-1900’s are still alive, and will be for a few more years) But it doesn’t come out of thin air. I could go on with examples, but you seem to know your history. Today, I believe few arrest are made due to racism. However, you do have those cases where unjust actions occur because a black was in the wrong part of town (by wrong i mean White) and the wrong time.

  10. the human says:

    In my opinion yes there is black racism.there are black people that hate white people and will tell you they do not like white people to your face but that’s where it ends that’s all we are currently capable of.white people on the other hand have made racism more sophisticated to where they claim there not racist but there actions and motives show other wise.white control 90% of this country which makes it easier to deny black people advancement in america.the averave white family makes double what a black family people have only been free for about 50 or so years,whites 300 years which gave them enough time to accumulate wealth and resources.once we have equal wealth that’s when racism will truly vanish

  11. Rat Pack Jimmy says:

    Anybody can be racist.

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