Sometimes we should just listen quietly.

Lucas Sullivan,
Christiansburg, VA

Michele’s presentation on the Race Card Project had me in a tizzy for days thinking of what I could say. What could my impact be? As a white cishet male in America I have loads of built in privileges. If the only voice that gets heard is mine I will be doing a disservice to the cause of fighting against racism. Even people who don’t consider themselves racists or who consider themselves allies can have a hard time with knowing when to listen and that is a vitally important part of the conversation. So we (white people) have to be careful to not talk over people of color. In this conversation minority voices must be heard and that means sometimes what we don’t say is as important as what we do. Listening to people of color or giving people of color a voice is part of the way that we participate in the conversation. Sometimes it’s best to listen to what people of color are telling you about their truth and their reality.



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