Sorority initiation, we look like KKK

Marilyn Anne Kay
Wimberley, TX

The year was 1968. We were gathered in the formal dining hall of the sorority house, lit only by candles, for our sorority initiation. All white females dressed in matching white gowns. One of my sorority sisters commented, ‘we look just like the Klan.’ This was at the University of Texas, in the middle of Vietnam War protests, peace marches, black power speakers and Greek campus influence. By 1970, Greek System in decline and Mickey Mouse was elected President of the Student Body. Both of LBJ’s daughters attended the school during that time, along with Farrah Faucet. LBJ’s declaration that he would not seek a second term was announced in the student union hall. Some of these students were on the mall when Charles Whitman began shooting in August 1966 and many were gathered in the student union to listen to their possible fate in the draft lottery. The first Earth Day was held at UT. Everything changed.


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