My Soul can’t see your skin.

Doretta Dozier,
East Orange, NJ.

From the very early age of 5 I was delighted with my sense of how big the world was to me: how bright the sun was, the large expanse of blue sky and the splattering white clouds that seemed to show a never ending aura of greatness. I felt truly born that day. Not long after that came televised images of Malcolm X. I related to this man through the fiery emotions of his speech although I didn’t understand what he was saying. I felt hurt at the viewing of ‘people’ being water hosed by other ‘people’ who seemed angry at them which didn’t feel like just cause. Through the years I’ve learned to ‘never mind them’ in the sense that I would not react or overreact to what I learned could be racist behavior because it would only deter me from seeking MY place on this planet and what was meant for me to have. There were always internal questions and my decision to not try to make right someone else’s opinion of what I didn’t agree with. I continue to walk in love and awe of creation and steer clear of that which is ugly. This may not be the best way, but my heart and mind find comfort in knowing that I fight off the grime of practicing racism. I know who I am, I know what I am, and I refuse to allow arrows to split me asunder.


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