You sound like a white girl

photo-3Joy Owopetu,
Manassas Park, VA.

What does this even MEAN? I have heard so many times that I sound like a white girl from the valley. It has caused me to experience unfriendly behavior from coworkers who thought I wasn’t “black enough” and I have gotten outright laughed at in public by ignorant individuals who thought I was “trying to sound white”. I wish that people would understand that the color of your skin should not place you in a category of what you should sound like, how you dress and who you love. We are all human beings that each have our own sense of identity. Sadly, I don’t think racism will end. I recently moved to Virginia and this is my first time experiencing blatant disrespect for nothing other than the color of my skin. When it happens, it starts to harden your mind and make you angry. But that is the person they expect.. the angry black woman. That’s what the media shows them-ratchet black woman. My goal is to continue to be as loving, caring and friendly as always and change peoples perception of us. If I can get just one person to understand that black doesn’t equal ghetto and uneducated then I have done my job. Much love. This project is beautiful.

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  1. Truth seeker says:

    Good for you!!! Stay positive and ignore the jealous, miserable types. They sound jealous of your education, and racist as well.

    I’m a “white guy”, and I remember working with a lot of hispanics at this job. I was very interested in this girl who worked there, who also happened to be hispanic.

    One of the hispanic employees i worked with asked me this, “Don’t you think she’s a little too dark for you?’

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