South Carolina. Confederate flag. Finally down.

Philadelphia, PA.

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2 Responses to "South Carolina. Confederate flag. Finally down."
  1. Zuni says:

    The Confederate flag is NOT evil! It still files proudly in Brazil by descedents of Confederados,who immigrated from the southern United States to Brazil after the US Civil War in the 19th century. Brazil is a thriving multicultural society with very little blatant racism. Are 7th and 8th generations wrong to celebrate their heritage?

  2. olblue9 says:

    The flag is gone, yeah! But the killing is still with us on a daily basis. The folks who fought so hard to bring down the flag , should ask themselves “to what goal shall we try to achieve, with our fight” I feel that this action is not going to ever solve the racial issue. Though it will accomplish raising the CBF further into the PC garbage can of words and symbols from groups and practices that lost out to the PC police. They are working 24/7 on the next PC word, phrase, or symbol.
    This PC police tactics sounds awefully familiar. Too much like the time back in the 1930’s and 40’s, when symbols and words were destroyed by the German people.
    Glad their “symbol” is gone and we can now concentrate on the issue of stopping all of these senseless killings.
    You know that if you follow history, the best way to stop a country’s citizen’s from killing each other is to distract them by starting a war or rather a militarily consultation with a less desirable country ( preferably with an oil rich nation?..been there, done that..

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