South Texas Born, Melting Pot Raised

Jerheme Urban,
Trinity University

I am very proud of the fact that I was born in south Texas, a location steeped with history and tradition. It is also an area that is a melting pot of race, culture, and economic diversity- with a heavy blue collar, agrarian influence. After traveling/working across the country, I have really grown to appreciate the fact that my area of upbringing really embraces other cultures and the races that usually embody those cultures. Like all areas of the world, there are still unfortunate stereotypes that need to still need to be talked about and broken down; however, all in all, I believe that I was heavily influenced by the melting pot I was exposed to during my formative years…an environment that encouraged acceptance of another’s culture, musical taste, and career choices. We honored hard work, and realized that race had no bearing on how hard you worked.


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