I stand my ground for justice

Lynda_DC-StreetLynda Tredway
Washington, DC

I have about 10,000 words to say about race in America, how we are all affected by it every day — in individual and structural ways. I sometimes remember Cornell West’s words: We are all on the Henrietta Marie (the slave ship sunk off the coast of Florida). We are all sunk until we follow the message of SANKOFA — honestly look back so we can go forward. As a white mother of a mixed race daughter who identifies as African American with a mother still living who will has never recognized her or has never allowed her in her house, I am in a daily quandary about how to live a life of love, gratitude and forgiveness and work for justice in the larger world. As a teacher for nearly 45 years, I work with others to have courageous conversations about equity and race so there will be no more mothers and suffering granddaughters in any family.


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