Stop acting like blacks are saints

New York, NY

Obviously 400 years of segregation is the cause of today’s black society. And obviously, there is a tremendous amount of white trash, idiots who think Trump is a good businessman, great man, knows what he’s doing, and a class act. There are so many white pedophiles, liars, cheaters, thieves, senseless bigots, and a-holes, the number is in the tens of millions. And I fully believe that they’d occupy the same roles black people do if white ppl had been enslaved and exiled like blacks were.

So maybe in that sense, I am not racist at all, in that I know circumstance is responsible for the differences in races now.

But I also can’t stand my fellow white liberals who act as if black people are angels when the only ones they know are successful highly-educated black individuals they might at their prestigious colleges.

I live near the projects, and the lack of manners, lack of decency, promotion of killing, drugs, recklessness, disrespect as a way of life, is appalling. This is a major part of black culture, whether you like it or not. And my close black friends willingly admit to this.

Black people don’t want to have dialogues in this country, they want monologues, where white ppl sit there, listen, then do everything that was told for them to do to “make things right.” Reparations in the hundreds of thousands if not millions. They hate the police, yet tell us how awful it is to be black because of all the violence. All the violence is within the community, not coming from the outside, and the only way to solve it is from education and policing. Yet so few black ppl I know take education seriously.

I guess what I’m saying is that yeah white ppl would be in that place, and have those issues if they’d been oppressed, but liberal America needs to shut up and stop acting like black people are the angels that they aren’t. Poor black people are just the same as poor white people… and as the poor white people in rural, downtrodden, crummy areas, they are under-educated, prone to violence, drugs, love disrespect and pi**ing off society and hate the cops. And the black people who were raised in privilege tend to be much higher caliber, just like white people of the same circumstance.

In other words, they’re humans… mostly pretty shi**y, some pretty good, a small percent really great, just like
whites and Chinese and Hispanics.

But given they are where they are, they need to step it up and break the culture of promoting violence, dropping out of school, having babies as teenagers, fighting, drug dealing, and disrespecting women and gay people.


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