Stop asking to touch his hair

Jeanine Flier,
Tujunga, CA.

I am a mother of 3 multiracial children. They all have different types of hair. My oldest son has a very curly large beautiful Afro . My middle child as wavy thick hair similar to mine. My youngest child has large black curls. My oldest child is the ONLY ONE WHO WHITE PEOPLE CONSISTENTLY COME UP TO AND SSK IF THEY CAN TOUCH HIS HAIR. WHY?? It is racist and belittling and they don’t even realize they are doing it. Recently he starred in a production of the crucible. Even though there were two judges my child was the only judge that has to cover his hair with a wig. An example of white privilege these people never give a thought of how offensive their actions are. My child is not an animal to be petted, and his Afro is not something to be erased as you are trying to do with his identity.


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