Stop awaiting apologies just do it!

Roberta Smith,
Boston, MA.

During the conversation, once the white guy spoke about self responsibility a lot of black people were visibly upset and I feel, most black people in the audience stopped listening because they were “offended”. The black rapper basically encouraged black people NOT to get involved in government. What if Obama felt that way? Or the people that voted for him did not vote. When rappers could not get record deals they began creating their own labels , rocafella, murder inc, young money, etc. think about it . you have to get power to change things do you fail a class because a teacher does not like you? no! or because she gave someone extra credit and not you? this is fool’s pride. we as black people sometimes let so called pride prevent us from taking advantage of opportunities…I feel like this was the case. He and most blacks had a palpable reaction and it was no longer a two way conversation. It’s ok for a black person to say they weren’t affected by slavery so move on but not for a white person to say it even if it is true.


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