Stop Living In A Distorted Past

Moonlight Lady,
Piedmont Triad, NC

I am white, and I am sick and tired of African Americans who continually live in the past, and shove their distorted and many times incorrect atrosities onto white generations of today. Blacks in America are doing nothing but continuing to divide the races by trying to inflict unfair blame upon whites who have had ZERO to do with slavery, past racisms, or past mistakes made by a HANDFUL of mean spirited whites. If you blacks REALLY look at history in a truthful way, you will find MANY whites who have tremendously helped blacks to have equality. Equality in education, social equality, healthcare, and housing. My word if you can’t make it in today’s America that has been practically handed to you on a silver platter, what on earth is your gripe? Stop blaming current whites for predicaments from decades ago that we had NOTHING to do with and certainly don’t condone. You have been given MANY opportunities to succeed. If you do not succeed, it would be your own fault and WORK, STUDY, DEDICATION, FAITH, and SOBRIETY are key elements to American success. You are a broken record living in the past. Make your own future and stop looking back.


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