Stop Pretending your Racism is Patriotism

Linnea Bevan,
San Luis Obispo, CA

I would first like to start off with a tweet from our current president in July of 2019:
“Our Country is Free, Beautiful and Very Successful,” Trump tweeted. “If you hate our country, or if you are not happy here, you can leave!”

To start off this discussion, it is important to note the amount of bigotry and racism someone must have inside their bodies, to tweet this for billions to see. Our American ‘right’ refuses to recognize any difference between the assertion that racial inequality was one of the most fundamental steps in the founding of our nation and continues to have a strong force in the United States today. To me, patriotism is a love for one’s country and ALL of the people who inhabit the nation you admire being a part of. We are all apart of one community that must coexist and thrive. The type of patriotism that Trump and many of his followers uses, comes from hate. How is this a substantial way at looking at your country?


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