Stop using RACE as an excuse.

finnRenee Chapman,
Colbert, WA.

I have seen race used as an excuse for bad behavior or saying something is happening to someone because they are Mexican, Asian, and Black etc. I had a personal experience with it when neighbors aggressive Rottweiler killed my 6 mo. old puppy, police were called and neighbor was really angry. Then next day same dog got out again and came after my son in my yard, we got him in safely, 911 was called, dog was impounded and owner ticketed. They were raging and screaming “You are doing this because we are black, you wouldn’t do this if we were white”. Police tried telling them race was an issue…and aggressive dangerous dog was; but if they didn’t stop and calm down they would be arrested. When incidents first occurred race never played a part, as officer said it was the danger the dog posed for the neighborhood.


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