On the subject of white guilt

New York, NY.

I don’t really understand this whole issue on white guilt, but I think it stems from privilaged elite “European Americans” who feel they have it all and need to clense their conscience somehow and feel guilty. Well I grew up “White” and poor in an all black neighboorhood, took racial abuse most of my youth, and worked my ass off at manual labor jobs, staying out of trouble and saved enough to make a life for myself and you know what? I have no guilt at all! in fact, I’m White and I’m proud to belong to a race of scientists, global leaders, inventors, generals, Emperors, engineers, etc. More of us need to rewake pride in our shared cultural heritage and stop the racist bigot black political figures that seek to oppress us with the help of white elites who pander to them so that they stay in their ivory towers.


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