Experience identifies me, not my color.

Kelley Canaday Sylva, NC Race is a label that has morphed over time taking on both positive and negative connotations depending on your perspective. Our perspective determines how we perceive race. No matter how much we try to eliminate bias it will always exist on some level. We are an observant people always making judgments […]

Small Ohio Town: Color Didn’t Matter

Debbie Spragg Brisentine Plain City, OH I was born in 1954, lived in Mt. Pleasant Ohio, pop. approx. 500. Attended school from 1959-1972. Had both white and black friends but, to me, they were all just friends – no difference! I never knew anything about racial issues until maybe 1969, 1970. It was an idyllic […]

Forget blindness; remember that color contributes.

Kelsey Hamm Boone, NC Our world has recently adapted to the idea of colorblindness, or the concept that race doesn’t matter. However, to look at two people and disregard their race actually perpetuates racism. The color of your skin, as well as your ethnicity, will at least partially determine the experience you have in America. […]

When Color Becomes Excuse for Character

Scott Gomer Madison, WI No matter which color our skin, certain perceptions seep into our common consciousness. Why do some people live up (or down) to their stereotypes? How can we all celebrate our differences in positive ways?

Is it because we’re different colors?

Jerry Cordaro Cleveland, OH I’m Caucasian, my wife is African-American, and we’re the parents of two kids. Because of our work schedules, I’m usually the one doing pickup and drop-off, and a few summers ago I was picking them up from camp. My son is light-skinned, and there was a little boy about six or […]

Colour is not a culture

Ashley C Canada The colour of my skin does not define who I am, and colours can often be misleading. When people ask me “what I am” I tell them I am human. I am a product of my environment. I am a piece of my mother, my father, my grandparents, and my extended family. […]

Baby born. What color? Healthy girl.

Kessara Eldridge Fredericksburg, VA My aunt – Irish/German ancestry married a Cape Verdean man. When they had their first child, my cousin, my grandfather didn’t ask if it was a boy or a girl – he wanted to know what color it was. That showed me more than anything the differences in generations – how […]

Love has no color, hate does

Carol Carrow Bodofsky Edison, NJ Born in 1950, I have lived through changes that were long overdue. In the sixties, as much as my friends and I worked to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, we had no idea how bad it actually was in our country. Only looking back through photo and video journalism of the […]

Any black kids in your class?

Pamela Tish, Dupo, IL. When I began my first teaching job in Cahokia, IL, “Any black kids in your class?” was always one of the first questions asked by friends and family. I return to that question in my own mind so often as I look across my classrooms, 20 years and three jobs later, […]

My skin is BROWN not black.

Twanna Robinson Thomasville, NC In Sunday school one morning, a new child asked me why my skin was so dark. I told her it was because I am a black person. She looked at me for a minute and said nothing else to me for the rest of the hour. When her mother, picked her […]

Race? Do we actually mean skin-color?

SKA1 Curacao Netherlands Antilles It is worth reflecting for a moment on the term “race” as used in the United States and in “The Race Card Project”. This is especially important as the US uses “race” as a data-collection term on the US Census forms and both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of […]

Struggling souls behind different skin colors

Jack Faulkner Oakland, CA Atttended an “interracial dialogue” in a psychiatric clinic in 1966. The two sides, black and white were polarized. Finally, a blind man said he had been lisrening carefully but could not understand what the conflict was all about. He concluded: “You see, I am a member of a third minority.”

What color is THIS one, Daughter?

KT Holbrook-Yanit Eugene, OR What my white father asked because I dated young men of several ethnicities. I have to admit I was sad but relieved when he passed away the year before I married my non-white husband. Now I feel he would have grown up had he gotten the chance to meet his beautiful […]

Disregarding a Caucasian’s background is racism.

Julie Tee Canada I know people of colour who will take into account the different ethnicity groups that make up a person of colour but will shamelessly disregard the racial background of a white (as in, they don’t care if you’re half Irish, half Serbian, to them white is white). That’s how racism starts, isn’t […]

Color of money trumps all others.

Simon A. Smith Chicago, IL With the wealth gap growing out of control so many people are getting swallowed up and spit out by greedy corporations and the almighty dollar. As a high school teacher on the south side of Chicago I talk about this a lot with my students, and the fact that they […]

I reflect my culture, not color.

Connie Mortara Tewksbury, MA Growing up I didn’t “know” I was Mexican American (we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us). It wasn’t until I moved east that I discovered that I am so very very Mexican. But its not my color that speaks to my background — it is so much deeper. Family, […]

All People Are Created As Equal

Adam Rosen Ann Arbor, MI We can see in color, not black and white, but this doesn’t mean we should judge or be judged based on the color we see. I am a citizen of the world just like everyone else is. I believe that our citizenship of the world makes us equal and no […]

Does my race lack culture?

Amelia McConnell Panorama City, CA Sometimes as a white person I feel that my race lacks culture compared to other cultures. When I continue to reflect on it, I know that we still have culture, but the traditions feel a bit generic. Until recently, instead of defining the white race as one big group, people […]

White is not a default color.

Diana Lambert Kansas City, KS I find that children who have one “white” parent and one “non-white” parent are often decidedly identified as the non-white race. I feel this is biased and speaks to how we feel about the definition of a “white” person. I do not see Obama as the first black president. He […]

Why must I see someone’s color?

Karen Travis Tecumseh, MI Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan I worked diligently to raise my children not to see the “color” of any person. It was not easy, but I am a proud Mother of three young adults who truly do not see color as something different.

Why are you sitting with us?

McKenna Jaymes Northglenn, CO I am white and was sitting with a few black friends, other black girls came and sat with us. Finally, someone I didn’t know looked at me from the other end of the table and asked why I was sitting with them. I was dumb-founded. I sat there everyday with my […]

We’re all one and equally diversified

Rodger Stinson Columbus, OH Thank you for allowing me to participate. I was taught by my parents that the color of one’s skin does not determine what kind of person you are. They also stated that the kind of person you are is determined by what kind of person you are on the inside, and […]

American should be our new Race

Matthew Heuser Painesville, OH If your an American, then we are all the same Red, White, and Blue. Color shouldn’t matter anymore. People try too hard to define race and color when we are all the same, AMERICAN.

Actually, yes….I DO see color…

Kristy Straub Woodberry Heights, NJ It has ALWAYS annoyed me (since I can remember) when people say “I don’t see color” in an effort to demonstrate their acceptance/tolerance of those different from themselves…… but how offensive that actually is: “I refuse to acknowledge where you come from because our differences may cause tension so I […]

skin color black, but intelligence colorless

Sheila Bailey Chicago, IL Recently found myself on an elevator in downtown Chicago with a white woman who looked to be in her fragile 80s. As the doors closed, she retreated to the corner opposite from where I was standing and hugged her purse to her chest. I wish you could have seen the look […]

White, red-headed, looked at suspiciously.

Belinda Spinosi Columbus, OH From “Dr.” Laura stating red heads are genetic mistakes, retail stores tailing you, men thinking you are a different species to conquer but not marry, to can’t take a walk in your neighborhood because police think you are working girl…from a white woman’s perspective…I have always understood how so wrong people […]

How long until we’re one color?

Linda Brineks New Albany, OH I grew up in a household where dating someone of another race was not condoned. I disagreed with my parents on that principle. I belong to a church now (evangelical Christian) where one of our goals is to be racially integrated. We have a lot of mixed race couples. I […]

Don’t know any other black people.

Saidah Tualatin, OR It’s been like this forever. My husband is white. My friends are white. My neighbors are white. My coworkers are white. This never used to bother me. But now it does. How does one start to paint their world in color?

I see color in every thing

Shanita Nelson Fort Wayne, IN I hate when people say they are colorblind…because then they are ignoring pieces of everyone. Please notice me is what I say when I hear those words. I am black, I am a teacher, I am a wife…do not ignore any parts of who I am!!!

Aren’t you Mexican, Chinese, Japanese?

Jenny San Luis Field Fridley, MN Why do people assume that I am Mexican, if not that then they ask that I am Chinese, then for there last resort they will say I’m Japanese. Why can’t I be just Filipino? Ask first before you assume what I am!

He sees color, but I don’t.

Rebecca A Portland, OR But who am I to say he is wrong? My boyfriend is Filipino and I am white. He thinks people judge us for being in a biracial relationship, and I tell him he’s paranoid. When you’ve grown up in an environment where racist acts happen against you like he did, what […]

We all bleed the same color!

Jorge Janeiro Geraardsbergen, Belgium I’ve learned that it’s not about ethnic origins, it’s about human nature. There is good and bad everywhere in this world, regardless of gender, religion, color or sexual orientation. Our humanity is the link that binds us. Lack of it, is what could extinguish us.