Dark mother. Fair daughter. Recessive genes.

Rita Kane Los Angeles, CA Recessive genes will never allow the human race to fade to one color, as some people fear. It’s the opposite. We aren’t fading to brown. We probably started out that way. But time has actually evolved us into distinctive groups. The possibility for different colors is in the DNA. The […]

Why can’t we move past this?

Chassy Oson Fairfield, CA In this past week I have learned that some high schools in the South still have segregated proms. Seriously? We should have moved past this a long time ago. Also in my history class we are watching a movie about how this one school in the South is still segregated but […]

Human race is the only race

Olaf Schroeder, Houston, TX. As a naturalized citizen, born of one culture, and transplanted into the American culture, maybe I have the advantage of another perspective. We have to get back to the truth that while melanin puts us on the darker or lighter side of brown (there is no black or white person), we’re […]

In the space, I mark human!

Elizabeth James Ann Arbor, MI Being of mixed ancestry and believing in only one race, human, it’s very difficult to be yourself in a country where determining “who” you are is so closely connected to your ethnicity. I am Elizabeth and that should be enough.

I am NOT Anglo, I’m human.

Kara Frederick, MD This sentiment comes from living in Laredo, TX, where the town is 95% ethnically Mexican and very racist against anybody who is not Hispanic, and especially “white”. Laredoans use the word Anglo in the way that “spic” has been used.

Disappointed to find no African DNA.

Kathleen Wieland Norwich, CT I’m a 6th generation New Orleanian & a genealogist. My natural-blonde sister & I had always hoped to find something “interesting” in the family tree to explain her incredible tan – as well as some very dark complexions & hair in one of our “purebred German” lines. I got very excited […]

Stop Thinking; Black. Start Thinking; Human.

Jim Wallin Lebanon, PA We won’t get “over” race until blacks stop looking for racism. Trust me, you don’t have to look. Saying someone is racist because they say something critical about a black person is ridiculous and devalues the label of “racist”. Whites can never truly understand what being Black is like. I wish […]

Skin is white, race is HUMAN!

Janet Urban Aurora, IL I was raised in a small all-white town and never saw a black person except on TV until I was 17 (1975). From the first experience I was confused as to racism. What I saw was fellow human beings who happened to look different. From that point on I refused to […]

We all bleed the same color!

Jorge Janeiro Geraardsbergen, Belgium I’ve learned that it’s not about ethnic origins, it’s about human nature. There is good and bad everywhere in this world, regardless of gender, religion, color or sexual orientation. Our humanity is the link that binds us. Lack of it, is what could extinguish us.

Really? But you don’t look Mexican…

Andrea Z Boston, MA We need to face what is uncomfortable and finally realize that we are all Human together. We cannot take the next step until we acknowledge “others” as “like us” and not like “them”. I consider myself an earthling, a citizen of the world, a mutt and I am proud of it. […]

Travon could have been my student.

Ron Smith Long Beach, CA I size up my class every year, and I have my own prejudices. My students size me up every year, and they have theirs. Through our discussions we get to know each other on a deeper level, and 95% of the time, we end the class with positive memories of […]