We don’t want your “White” America

Joel Wasinger Wylie, TX By all appearances, I’m “white” and I was raised in white middle class America. My biological father was Hispanic (my relatives on that side are mostly pale, like me). My dad, the man who raised me, is part Native American. My wife’s son–now my son–is black, technically mixed race. And there’s […]

Can’t be colorblind and see me

Chandra Craven Boston, MA As a future mother of a biracial child and as black America I get insulted when someone says they don’t see my color. Unless you’re legally blind, my race is an attribute (like hair and eye color) but it is also my heritage and has helped to build parts of my […]

White, but mom is Brown, relief.

Carmen Bunkers Velazquez Pomona, CA I have always loved being with my mom’s side of the family, the Velazquez family. I think they have always felt safe because I identify myself through my mom’s racial and ethnic identity, Mexican American, and so with them I feel that I can be who I really am. Knowing […]

Race matters because we make it.

Jacob Addington Fort Collins, CO The race issue is kept alive by statistics and surveys which constantly tell us that we humans fall into different groups, and by our own willingness to accept race as part of our identity. Is having pride in one’s own race any better than hatred for someone else’s, or is […]

I’m black, but that’s not all.

Merrisa Hall York, PA This is an awesome project.. This allows people to be honest and make others aware that RACE should be discussed. Some people don’t like to discuss Race because it make them uncomfortable but guess what I don’t like being judged because of my race. Thank you, Michelle Norris.

I will never be black enough.

Lagaria Farmer Springfield, TN This was hammered into me starting in the 7th grade – mostly by other black kids, but it extended to family members as well. As long as I like hard rock/metal and goth/industrial music, sound like a blond Valley Girl, date white guys and enjoy academics, I’m not black enough. Outwardly […]

Born Samoan, raised White, identity undecided.

Karen Grabowski Houston, TX When I was a little girl, strangers would ask me if my mommy is white and my daddy is black. Now that I’m 27, strangers ask if “Grabowski” is my married name. And for 27 years, I’ve smiled and explained I was adopted from Samoa when I was six months old […]

Gay, Fag, Homo. Yes I am.

Aaron Armer Sacramento, CA My 6 word essay is based on Identity which is explaining to the reader that you can stand up to a gay bully by accepting the names said to you which allows you to take away power from the bully

What ARE you? I can’t tell.

Lara Furar Canton, MI Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan I remember being asked this question as a child. And at various times throughout my life ever since. There was enough of “something” in my background that made it difficult for people to “figure me out”. For some reason, they needed to do that – […]

I’m not white; I am Czech

Joseph San Diego, CA There is no box for me. I am lumped in with all others who are not Asian, African-American, Latino, Native American, etc. This categorization process strips me of my identity. When it comes to opportunity, what about the fact that I grew up poor, never knew my father, and never finished […]

Black people hate black people, too.

Juluis Youngerford, Atlanta, GA. Nobody can tell the truth about race, that is, what they think about their own race or other races, because nobody makes nice distinctions between race and class, or between the different types of racial prejudice and hatred, so they can’t say just what they don’t like about others, and they […]