Emmit Till died; OJ was acquitted

Roy Kutz Chicago, IL An innocent child pays a horrible price for presuming he can interact equally with white people a rich, famous man who interacts mostly with white people receives an undeserved dividend. Redemption is often unjust.

Google “tall, dark, and handsome.” Bullshit.

Isaac Chicago, IL Check out this video about a blind date gone wrong once a young lady realizes her date is exactly what she said she was looking for: Tall, dark, and handsome. Clicking on the link below will take you to youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDq_wEGwZNA

Honesty is more than my lipservice

Judith Sevel Normal, IL Sometimes I say things that inadvertently that may be rude or seem insensitive. I need to always be mindful of my role in a relationship. If I say something that may sound racist. to acknowledge it and not to feel defensive.

The whites are still to blame.

Amanda N. Normal, IL I grew up in Texas. I always had people telling me that Caucasian people were better than any other race. Being told that always made me feel guilty. When we learned about the KKK in school I always felt uncomfortable like all of the African Americans were staring at and blaming […]

Is all that your real hair?

Alexis Beauford Normal, IL 2 years ago I decided to go natural. A lot of non-ethnic people don’t know what that means. When an African American woman gets a perm, it’s to make her hair straight and more manageable which is the opposite of when some other ethnicities get a perm. When someone decides to […]



I am so very, very ashamed.

Mark Allen Kleiman Venice, CA As a student activist back in the day, I fought de facto segregation. It breaks my heart to see how quickly things slid back. A “kinder, gentler” end to a “kinder, gentler” Reconstruction. Only nationwide.

History taught me how to feel

Chyealla C McBride Chicago, IL I’m an emotional person, but I wasn’t raised to properly express emotion. In learning and reading about other’s experiences, gave me language and comparisons to my own experience in the world. Starting with empathy for my people’s struggles, I grew to be able to express myself emotionally in ways I […]

White People Remind Me I’m Black

Patrick Battle Forest Park, IL I grew up in mixed environments and have had always had friends of different and mixed races. Still, I find that our culture encourages the notion that, no matter what your background is, if you live America – being Black is some sort of cause for unwarranted attention. Whether that […]

They make better slaves than citizens.

John Littleton Deerfield, IL Blacks in America today are too far removed from slavery that any and all complaints and entitlements are irrelevant. Blacks are the biggest racists in America. They’re so smart, so brilliant, so special? As even The Economist pointed out, affirmative action must be abolished. If we’re all equal, there should be […]

Certified genius unqualified by affirmative action

Dr. Sylvia Hood Washington Winfield, IL So many gifted black people identified as such before affirmative action was even a notion have been denied the “equal” opportunity to achieve or advance because they were perceived as either a threat or not needy enough. This is particularly true in institutions of higher education … where the […]

Integration: equity and opportunity for all

Rob Breymaier Oak Park, IL We hear so much about how segregation harms people and communities. We don’t hear enough about how integration improves everyone’s life. We need more stories and documentation about how integration is good for everyone of every racial background. The appeal to our common interest that holds the key to a […]

You don’t really sound black.

Marc Dumas Chicago, IL Growing up going to integrated schools, I’ve always been told this. My response, as drilled into me by my parents, was “Of course I do. This is what black sounds like…from my mouth.”

I’m Caucasian, therefore the assumed oppressor.

Casi Scheidt Carbondale, IL It’s come to my attention that, throughout my life, others sometimes assume that my racial identity as white means that I can’t or shouldn’t have input into racial issues. More than once, I’ve been confronted by individuals claiming that my whiteness means I’m inherently racist, and that I’m treating “their people” […]

Color:Brown Ethnicity:Greek Race:Human

John Q. Kontos Chicago, IL Sometimes, I wish that there were alien cultures that were a potential threat to our existence on earth, then and perhaps only then, would we view ourselves as one people instead of our current hateful and racist thinking. We all need a reminder from time to time that we are […]


T.J. Chicago, IL Yes, I’m the Great White Devil himself. I came here to the U.S., killed ALL the injuns I could find (actually, my great-great grandmother was a 16 year old Cherokee half breed when she gave birth to my great grandmother, whom I had the pleasure of knowing.) I whipped and beat n*****s […]

Do You Think I’m White, Really

Chris Hamby Bethalto, IL On my exterior, I look like a average Caucasian man, yet there is a little more to me than what people may think. First off, let me paint this picture for you. I am a large,(athletic built now)bald man, for all purposes white. I went into a Wal-Mart in Vandalia, IL […]

Tell me again how I’m privileged.

Anonymous Chicago, IL I am female and white. Often I am told by my POC friends that my life is easier than theirs and I am privileged because I am white. We discuss race and culture because we are comfortable and open with one another. I hear their points of view on a predominately white […]

Despite one difference, discover your connection.

Ali Hill Chicago, IL People have always boasted the importance of a first impression, but I don’t understand why. The very first impression, in almost every case, is superficial. We see someone and judge them, we hear someone and judge them. Have a conversation. Discover all the ways you can relate to someone, despite how […]

Blacks are always…but you’re Okay!

Phyllis Batson Chicago, IL It’s tiresome for folks who are, even in this day and age, ‘first’ or ‘only’. I would so much rather be the ‘go to’ person for legitimate dialog than that friend, colleague, neighbor who is somehow OK, the proverbial exception to the rule. It negates who I am and who we […]

You can be prejudiced, not racist

Chanel Tate South Holland, IL This is something my African-American mom would say to me all the time when I was a kid and I called her out on saying something derogatory or stereotypical about other races. She’s dead now and it’s harder and harder for me to remember the sound of her voice, much […]

Black man, don’t assume I’m racist.

Joan Maxwell Chicago, IL This happened to me in college in 1971. I was an education major, and a black student spoke to our Philosophy of Education class. He asked the students to raise their hands if they felt they were not racist. I raised my hand. I was the only one who raised my […]

Why doesn’t my ethnicity have value?

Harry Bulkeley Galesburg, IL We don’t pick our race or our ancestors. Mine began coming to this country in 1635. They founded Concord, MA and one was the master mason on Old North Church. Some left the colonies because they were persecuted for being loyal to the king. Some were canal boat captains. One sold […]

Black woman, Mink coat, Food Stamps

James Batavia, IL As a young adult, living on my own and working two jobs to support myself, I was waiting in line at the checkout in a grocery store behind a good looking black woman wearing a full length mink coat, paying with food stamps. At what point should a helping hand stop?

Stepfather Does Not Always Know Best

Meghan Normal, IL I never really thought about race until my mother remarried my stepfather. He constantly talks down about other races that are not white, and he throws around ethnic slurs like they are common, everyday words. He does not seem to care about who he offends, but he should care. Even back when […]

No words spoken, but already judged

Danielle Amodeo Chicago, IL Only being 18, I have come into contact with a spew of racism and judgment. Being labeled before even saying anything, because of the way I look is not the way I expected it to be today. People would be surprised to know that I am just as human as they […]

White woman knows it’s elitism too.

Julia Chicago, IL I tried to post this last week but don’t see it. I hope it gets there this time. I listen to non-whites talk about how they are treated and I’ve been treated the same way. Since I am white, I think some of it is elitism. The elites think everyone who is […]

Kendra, 2: taught to exclaim “n*****”

Rebecca Zeissler Salem, IL I was Kendra’s teenaged babysitter. One day, before he left for work, Kendra’s father gleefully showed me the new “trick” he was teaching his daughter. He turned on the TV and waited for a black person to appear on screen. When this happened, he pointed to the person and asked Kendra, […]

Am I the only one here?

Dena Boyd Lincoln, IL In high school my Chinese friend, Zeyi, asked me to help her sell some Chinese food at the Chinese festival in Peoria called DuanWu Party. I went with her expecting to see of course many Chinese people and a few from other different ethnic groups. When we arrived and I helped […]

Black Man, proud with no apologies.

Bart71 Chicago, IL I am who I am. I accept who I am. I love who I am. Black men have jumped over all forms of racism in the past and will continue to jump over them. I know that daily I defy all stereotypes. It makes me stronger. It keeps me on my game. […]

KKK crosses even now ~ North Carolina?

Nancy H Long Springfield, IL I drove through North Carolina over Memorial Day weekend last year and passed a house with its lawn covered in KKK crossed and Confederate flags. I wanted to stop and take a photo, but I was afraid someone would see and object. I actually feared for my life. It may […]

We have so far to go

Peggy Wagner Kimble Glencoe, IL President Obama’s election in 2008 was one of the highlights of my life. The relentless racist backlash against the President diminishes all of us every day.

Any black kids in your class?

Pamela Tish, Dupo, IL. When I began my first teaching job in Cahokia, IL, “Any black kids in your class?” was always one of the first questions asked by friends and family. I return to that question in my own mind so often as I look across my classrooms, 20 years and three jobs later, […]

I will never get it right.

Michael Fitzpatrick Quincy, IL Regardless of how I try to understand, I will never get it right. When I try my foot ends up in my mouth. Perhaps it is because I don’t live with the experiences blacks have to endure all their lives. I commend their spirit for achieving they have with the adversity […]

Usually not racism. Instead, cultures clashing.

Susan A. Chicago, IL Stereotypes that are now labeled as racist, actually have nothing to do with race. Actually, it is cultural difference which causes problems. Culture is what forms differences in values, ways of speaking, ways of dressing, whether people talk in loud voices or quiet voices, what people eat, what their cooking smells […]

Why African-Americans tolerate racism toward others?

Abraham Wang Chicago, IL I am Asian and I live in Chicago, which has a large African-American population. I’ve been the victim of racial harassment by black youth on several occasions. I don’t judge all African-Americans on the actions of a few because none of my African-American friends behave like that. But I’m disappointed at […]

Such a long journey foward

Sandra Taenzer Elgin, IL At 18 I spoke out against racism asking businesses at the University of IL. to place a small decal in their window showing clasped white & black hands. I was rebuffed & asked “Would you marry one?” I went forward & we all go foward today 56 years later. How many […]

You white boys sure run fast!

Edward Schenkenfelder Oak Forest, IL I grew up in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s in Cicero, Illinois. Back then the city’s zero black American population was strictly enforced. I worked at the Bel-Air Drive In with a Black youth about 17 years old. He said “my six words” after being chased by a group of […]

Black face second grade doo dah.

Edd Fish Centralia, IL In 1952 my second grade class in Elkville prepared for the fall festival by learning to sing “De Camptown Races Five Mile Long, Doo Dah, Doo Dah.” Our parents were sent notes evidently telling them to dress us as hobos for the event with mismatched raggedy clothes. What we didn’t know […]

Biracial. Which box do I check?

Katherine M Clement Genoa, IL As a biracial child growing up in the mid 60’s I remember agonizing over school forms where you were asked to check ONE box. Recently, while filling out employment papers for a large corporation, I encountered this again. My first reaction was anger that “check only one box” was still […]

I hate people I like persons

Barrett Murphy Chicago, IL People en masse are bad, they are obnoxious, racist and worse, think mob mentality. People as individuals are good and decent. A lot of racism in our country comes from the people, not from persons. Ask anyone who works as a public servant and they will understand exactly the difference between […]

Color of money trumps all others.

Simon A. Smith Chicago, IL With the wealth gap growing out of control so many people are getting swallowed up and spit out by greedy corporations and the almighty dollar. As a high school teacher on the south side of Chicago I talk about this a lot with my students, and the fact that they […]

No, where are you REALLY from?

Mike Chen Chicago, IL My wife and I were both born and raised in New York. Our parents immigrated from Asia in the 70s, and are all naturalized citizens. We speak fluent English without an accent. We have always identified ourselves as Americans. This question comes up disappointingly often, typically asked in a few variations […]

No, kid, I don’t know karate.

Sam Rhee Crown Point, IL I’ve come across this “benign” stereotyping from children on an infrequent but still significant basis. I live in a town with very few Asian residents, and it usually, but not always, children who openly ask breathtakingly offensive questions based on media stereotypes. Along with my Six Words, I’ve also had […]

There’s nothing wrong with my hair!

Deborah King Bolingbrook, IL I was 7 years old the first time I had my hair straightened with a hot comb. For the next 25 years, my world revolved around the maintenance and condition of my hair. Moving to another city, the first order of business was to find a hair dresser. The never ending […]

White people marching for black voter registration

Susan Kosciolek Chattanooga, TN Many black American’s were being turned away from registration places for a variety of reasons in an effort to keep them from voting in the 1972 Presidential Election, especially in the South. As a young white woman in 1971, I marched arm and arm with black Americans in Cairo, Illinois as […]

Affirmative action for Blacks, Indians only.

Kristen Jacobson Deerfield, IL I recognize that other minority groups and women have suffered from discrimination, but the injustices committed against African Americans and Native Americans far exceed anything else in US history. Affirmative Action policies should be reserved for these two groups, or at least prioritize them.

skin color black, but intelligence colorless

Sheila Bailey Chicago, IL Recently found myself on an elevator in downtown Chicago with a white woman who looked to be in her fragile 80s. As the doors closed, she retreated to the corner opposite from where I was standing and hugged her purse to her chest. I wish you could have seen the look […]

Skin is white, race is HUMAN!

Janet Urban Aurora, IL I was raised in a small all-white town and never saw a black person except on TV until I was 17 (1975). From the first experience I was confused as to racism. What I saw was fellow human beings who happened to look different. From that point on I refused to […]

“Check car locks because I’m black”

Cindi Knox Joliet, IL I am often unsure I locked the car doors, so I give the fob a couple presses to hear the horn. Sometimes there is a person nearby, and I wonder if the person thinks it’s because I’m racist. At a church conversation on race, an African American speaker talked about the […]

Racism makes the otherwise unbelievable, believable.

Jusitn J. Major, Wheaton, IL. Kenyan, Socialist, Fascist, Crypto-Islamist AND Anti-White Christian? All of those and more are simultaneously believable about the President of the United States because he is black. Many Americans don’t hate the President because he’s black, they hate him for other, more socially acceptable reasons that they find plausible because he’s […]