Actually, yes….I DO see color…

Kristy Straub Woodberry Heights, NJ It has ALWAYS annoyed me (since I can remember) when people say “I don’t see color” in an effort to demonstrate their acceptance/tolerance of those different from themselves…… but how offensive that actually is: “I refuse to acknowledge where you come from because our differences may cause tension so I […]

I bet they’re good at math.

Steve Titterton Lindenwold, NJ I’m white, and the father of two Asian children. Went into that thinking that race was irrelevant if I thought so, the social workers told me that I was wrong, and they were right. My card is about how I was made aware of what it means to make assumptions about […]

I’m not African American but still black.

Khemani G Orange, NJ It bothers me sometimes when I am filling something out and the race box says only African American when I am actually Afro-Caribbean. Although there is a difference between the two culturally I feel they are both united by the concept of blackness. Something that was once frowned upon but now […]

Yes, we are mixed…

Krystal Scott Bayoone, NJ This is the answer to the question I am asked weekly. I was asked this question as a child often. However now that I am a mother of two girls one who has lighter skin then I and one who is darker we are asked all the time. In the grocery […]