No one is born being racist.

Ashton Aikens Columbus, OH Have you ever noticed the racism is a learned behavior. Think about it if your raised and see everyone being treated the same and never look at a person’s skin this is how you view the world, were as if your shown that a person with a.different skin tone is inferior […]

Biracial anxiety; black/white; both/neither?

Tracey Frierson North Ridgeville, OH Version 2:  biracial anxiety; black/white; neither/both! I have two adult biracial daughters, three years apart, raised in the same home under similar circumstances- one for whom racial identity has been problematic, the other who identifies herself as Black and has always seemed to adjust positively to that aspect of her […]

Eyes were opened. Grateful for grace.

Katelin Hansen Columbus, OH I started college completely ‘post-racial’ and ‘colorblind.’ I remain so thankful for the friends of color who abided with me, answered my ignorant questions, and continue to educate me today. Changed my worldview, and frankly my life’s trajectory.

Too white to teach Maya Angelou.

Lacey Columbus, OH During my first year of teaching, I was basically told by my principal that I couldn’t teach “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou to my all African-American students because I was white.

“South Mexican” here, “Gringa” back home.

Francisca Ugalde Akron, OH I have been living away from Chile for over 18 years, and here in Ohio for 15. I certainly don’t get treated negatively, but jokingly I am referred to as “South Mexican” since, who cares about what is further south than Mexico. The part that hurts, is when I visit “home” […]

Born in Hawaii, minority white girl.

Lael Weyenberg Worthington, OH Growing up white in Hawaii is a unique experience in race – you’re a minority in number but not an “economic minority”. You watch yourself and don’t act better than others. I was beat up twice for being in the wrong place but didn’t feel unsafe in my home. It is […]

The fight was won. Move on.

Cameron OH We’re living in a post-civil rights world. Legal equality has been achieved. The continued focus on race differences only serves to further divide us. Let’s move together into a future where people (white and black) have to stand on their own merits without using race as a crutch or an excuse. Continue to […]

Tell Jew jokes while I pass

Rachel Kay Cleveland, OH Having been born in new york and raised in Chicago, I knew that antisemitism was real, but even if I ran across some ignorance where I grew up it was never in a vacuum of exposure to Jewish people or culture. When I was in college in Iowa I experienced, for […]

Oblivious caucasians sadden me. I’m caucasian.

Jeffrey Faehnle Cleveland, OH It’s saddens me, depresses me, angers me, makes me feel hopeless at times when I hear or see other white people saying or doing things that are obviously racially insensitive (if not outright racist) without even realizing they’re being inappropriate.

Yes, they are my REAL kids

Paul David Binkley Delaware, OH My wife of twenty two years and I are interracially married, she black and myself white. Over our years together we have dealt with countless thoughtless comments and questions. Here is one such event recalled here to explain my six word story. A few years back, when our youngest still […]

Afraid children won’t look like me

Alexandria Jones Columbus, OH As a biracial woman (African American and Caucasian) who married a Caucasian man I’m afraid that our future children will not resemble me and I will have to constantly explain/prove to other people that my children are mine!!

We’re all one and equally diversified

Rodger Stinson Columbus, OH Thank you for allowing me to participate. I was taught by my parents that the color of one’s skin does not determine what kind of person you are. They also stated that the kind of person you are is determined by what kind of person you are on the inside, and […]

American should be our new Race

Matthew Heuser Painesville, OH If your an American, then we are all the same Red, White, and Blue. Color shouldn’t matter anymore. People try too hard to define race and color when we are all the same, AMERICAN.

I don’t trust whites, I’m white

Laura Bell Gahanna, OH Disowned by my “white” family after my mother married a black man, I was raised by my step-father’s family since the age of three, I am 41 now. Anger towards the family that left us, happy for the family that welcomed us.

There’s a lot of ‘pepper’ here.

Penny Miceli Keene, NH This is what my husband and I (both white) were told by our realtor (also white) when driving through a neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio while searching for our first home as a young couple. She meant to dissuade us from buying in the neighborhood. Perhaps because of our shared race, she […]

Disagreeing with Obama makes me racist?

Cynthia Ruccia Columbus, OH I am white but Jewish, and I grew up in a time when the Jews were barred from many many things because of our religion. My brother and I were the only Jews in our school and I was constantly chased around being called “dirty Jew” and “Christ killer” and told […]

White, red-headed, looked at suspiciously.

Belinda Spinosi Columbus, OH From “Dr.” Laura stating red heads are genetic mistakes, retail stores tailing you, men thinking you are a different species to conquer but not marry, to can’t take a walk in your neighborhood because police think you are working girl…from a white woman’s perspective…I have always understood how so wrong people […]

Yes, I am an American Indian.

Thomas LaVergne Kenton, OH People sometimes do not believe I am who I am due to stereotypes from Hollywood films. Not all Indians have dark skin, brown eyes, black hair, and live on reservations. Racism can exist by people denying you your identity.

How long until we’re one color?

Linda Brineks New Albany, OH I grew up in a household where dating someone of another race was not condoned. I disagreed with my parents on that principle. I belong to a church now (evangelical Christian) where one of our goals is to be racially integrated. We have a lot of mixed race couples. I […]

I’m tired of this being important.

David Dayton, OH I’m tired of Racism, I’m tired of tip-toeing around racial issues, I’m tired of people blaming “political correctness,” I’m tired of worrying about the children of color that I know, I’m tired of seeing people hurt, I’m tired of hearing racist stuff, I’m tired of feeling guilty for not confronting all of […]

We are different, but the same.

Peggy Hutchinson Columbus, OH Different meaning; culturally, religiously, socio-economically Same meaning; we breathe the same air, the same way; we are the same creatures What’s good (or bad) for one is good (or bad) for all of us.