White Guy on Journey Toward Justice

John Reiff, Pelham, MA Like most White folks, I was oblivious to my White privilege for a large part of my life, even though I believed racism was wrong. For the past 20 years I’ve been exploring the beliefs, attitudes, feelings and behaviors woven into my White identity, working to undo them in me and […]

Privilege is real. I get it.

Eric Moore, Anchorage, AK. “I get it” cuts three ways. First, I understand this is true. Second, I am in most ways the example of a person who is privileged and this has brought me opportunities, second chances and more. But Third can be an exasperated “I get it” because no matter the advantages I’ve […]

You’re just a whitewashed privileged Mexican

Mikaela Vera, Greensboro, NC I have always struggled with the color of my skin and the fact that I am a mixed child with an immigrant father who I am proud of however I have to limit my voice sometimes due to also being white and not wanting to offend anyone for being the voice […]

I Shouldn’t Get Benefits For Whiteness

Emily Bertot, Clarksville, MD. I grew up in Florida in an extremely non-diverse, middle-class area. Moving up North was a big culture shock, but it forced me to realize how many different types of people there are. I was also made aware of my privilege.

Privilege lives everywhere, silent but deadly

Ava Zahm, Irvine, CA White privilege is something I’m embarrassed to have learned about so late in my life. As a young white woman, I live a completely different life with so many fewer hardships, threats, and dangers than the life of someone identical to me but with more melanin in their skin. White privilege […]

Easy Acknowledging Privilege, Hard Surrendering It

Jason Snyder, Staten Island, NY As a middle aged white man, if I’m wearing the right costume and assume the right attitude, I can go just about anywhere and do just about anything without question. I get the benefit of the doubt by default, and most of the time I’m totally unconscious of it. I […]

“You’re speeding” the white cop said.

Shreya Venkayala, Worcester, MA Living in Massachusetts and being Indian, I have had the privilege of never having anything particularly bad happen to me because of my race. It was not until this incident that I realized that my race could have a major negative impact on my life. We were driving with the flow […]

Not wanting to deny my roots

Laura, Red bank, NJ. Let me just start by saying that racial forms are the death of me. I keep clicking back and forth between non Hispanic white and Latin American. Here’s the thing. My mom and her family are from Puerto Rico. The language and culture are very important to her but here is […]

But where are you really from?

Dionyves Martin, The United Kingdom Growing up mixed race is confusing. All too often you are expected to choose sides as if part of a childish game of goodies and baddies. The country you were born in and identify with comes second to the colour of your skin. ‘Where were your parents born then?’, is […]

What did we lose becoming white?

Rosa Friedman, Philadelphia, PA. My grandparents came to this country as children of Jewish families from eastern Europe. In order to become accepted as part of the racial elite and gain access to white privilege, they had to leave behind the things that distinguished them, their culture, language, and values. Now there is a hole […]

I hate being called “white girl”

Stephanie Wichowski, Mount Olive, NJ,. I’m proud to be Polish and part Irish but because I’m white and a girl I automatically get grouped into other categories. I get told I can’t dance “because I’m white” and I’m told to prove that I can dance. (Mind you I’ve been training at a dance studio since […]

I can see and hear you

Hailey, Tioga, PA As a white woman in the United States I have learned to recognize my privilege. Growing up in a rural area has not exposed me to very much diversity, however I have learned how to be an ally and recognize the inequality in our country. I have had countless conversations about how […]

So privileged but yet so overlooked

CP, Freeport, IL As an white male I feel apart of a group of people that aren’t discriminated against but overlooked. I’ve never felt any disapproval or prejudice for being white, yet sometimes I feel like my opinion can be seen as overlooked or invalid because I haven’t faced many of the same struggles or […]

My queerness dilutes my white privilege

Nhyx Webb, Minneapolis, MN Being a queer person in the US makes me super aware of the censure and judgement that others experience. Although a white person, and having no idea what it’s like being a person of color, I do know what it is like to be discriminated against for being who I am. […]

I (don’t) fit. Don’t look closely.

Emery Boyle-Scott, Milwaukee, WI. I want to belong in a group, and it’s nice to belong until someone looks closely. My whiteness is always sidelined when people learn about my lesbian moms. Don’t look closely and I have all the privilege. But, then it disappears and I’m not allowed, I’m questioned on everything. There’s no […]

Privilege, Stereotype’s, Socialism, Classism, Acceptability, Strife

Marvin Lucas, Deerfield Beach, FL From My experiences, perspectives, objectives, hopes, and dreams. There’s a variation with each individual, groups, and cultures. And yet My objective is to reach a pinnacle of being human which transcends beyond race. However, realistically on a society as a whole that’s almost virtually impossible because every individual come with […]

Educating Myself on My Own Privilege

Rhiannon Emma Farr, Minneapolis, MN I haven’t lived a great life, nor a terrible one. I suffer depression and anxiety and other mental illnesses and physical ones too that make everyday living extremely difficult. Though my life has been tough, I acknowledge that my race or gender has nothing to do with the pain I […]

I’m white. How can I help?

Anne Huntemer, Sonora, CA. Coming from a place of privilege, how can I help welcome and fight for my friends of color? I know I haven’t experienced what you have, but I’m here to support you in any way I can.

White female learning curious appalled privileged

Sue Carlson, Madison, WI The last couple years have been eye-opening. I’ve learned to listen and observe much more carefully rather than just asking people about their experiences. I’m glad the topic of race is discussed so much more openly now and that I’ve had wonderful people around me to support my learning and to […]

White = Christian, I’m not, I’m Jewish

Janice Cagan-Teuber, Arlington, MA To me, “White” has always meant “Christian”. I grew up in a neighborhood that was 99.9% Catholic. We were the only Jewish family around. I was constantly harassed by the neighbor children because I was Jewish. Yes, I look “White” but I don’t identify as “White”. I know I have the […]

Sometimes we should just listen quietly.

Lucas Sullivan, Christiansburg, VA Michele’s presentation on the Race Card Project had me in a tizzy for days thinking of what I could say. What could my impact be? As a white cishet male in America I have loads of built in privileges. If the only voice that gets heard is mine I will be […]

Little White Girl from the ‘Hood’

Caitlin Zembruski, Manassas, VA The town I grew up in is a very diverse community. There are specific areas that vary racially and ethnically, as well as class. My family lives in the lower-working class, living paycheck to paycheck. I lived in a neighborhood where there was not many other white kids and many of […]

White but not proud of privilege

Harley Guyton, Waleska, GA Being a white passing Arab has its benefits. To others, I am seen as privileged. That is something I am not proud of though. Not only is there a disconnection with my culture due to the color of my skin, but there’s also a disconnection to society. White privilege is something […]

White but not proud of privilege

Shannon Wagner, Washington, DC I studied History in college and have been on a quest of understanding the African American experience, oppression, inequity and the continued struggle of being Black in America.

I didn’t ask for this privilege.

Rebecca Whiting, Northport, AL. I thought very deeply about what I wanted to use to best express myself for this card. With my personal experience, I do know the benefits of white privilege, and what access that gives me to various different facets of our American society. I do not say this to make other […]

Someday I hope to love EVERYONE.

Nathan Robert Augustine, Walcott, IA I am a white man who has experienced plenty of privilege but also seen a small bit of the racial inequities that plague our society. I attended grade school and junior high in Eugene Oregon where the only non-white kid I knew was a black boy who had been adopted […]

Privilege cripples; step out, run naked.

Tannya Forcone, Akron, OH. My truck isn’t allowed to go faster on the freeway because it’s yellow. Why should my skin color allow me any other benefit? Privilege is embarrassing. Inequality causes our society to stagger in a circle, never moving forward toward justice.

I can’t help being born white

Christina Sinclair, Warren, RI I try my best to stay out of the line of fire when it comes to race. As far as I’m concerned as long as my own thoughts and opinions are private and locked away if they aren’t socially acceptable and I’m not hurting anyone then why can’t I think the […]

Despite our “privilege”, we are killed.

Veronica Shao, CA Asian Americans are often seen as more White than we are POC. This view erases the majority of the Asian-American diaspora, especially non East-Asians. Despite our somewhat “White-adjacent” status, we still have to confront racism and discrimination in our daily lives: something that has only become heightened during the COVID-19 Pandemic

My abuse was invisible because I’m white

Jack, Saint Paul, MN. My mom is an expert in manipulation and fake kindness, always sounding kind to hurt and control and shame. Because of rampant child discrimination across cultures, it was not hard for my mother to convince others that she was right, or to uphold the illusion of a happy “white suburban family”. […]

Privileged White Girl, Am I Really?

Tina Myrum, Alexandria, MN. Growing up in a small town, there was not a lot of racially diversity. However, I listened to the news, read papers, and learned as much as I could about other races. I learned that we were not that different. Most people looking at me would assume that I have had […]

Biracial woman: strength, confidence, confusion, pain.

Melissa Flowers, Trinity University My mother is caucasian and my father is black. I have immense privilege in my life, and I feel that being a biracial woman gives me a sense of pride which leads to strength and confidence. But this comes at a cost. I am often referred to as “acting white” by […]

I don’t know what privilege is

Charles Sackman, Mansfield, OH I’m told my skin tone has granted me great privilege. It’s easy to make assumptions based on appearances….folks tend to forget that the heart of all racism is in making these assumptions.

BREAKING NEWS: Jews experience prejudice AND white privilege

Osher Fein, Cupertino, CA This took me an embarrassingly long time to realize, but there’s this weird thing that white Jews experience called “conditional white privilege”. As long as my Jewishness isn’t obvious or doesn’t “offend” anyone, I experience the same privilege every other white person does. But, it was the moments of overt antisemitism […]

Yes, I transitioned. Still white, though.

Jonah Frank, Brooklyn, NY As a transgender man, I can relate to being marginalized. But still, my whiteness (and now maleness) affords me privilege in 99% of my everyday life, and I know that’s still 100% better than what BIPOC people are experiencing.

To understand privilege and uplift all

Kaydence, Burlington, IA Race is a social construct, but with that came real life issues. I am thankful to have the opportunity to learn about racism instead of experience it. A lot of people like to brush off the issue like it is nothing, but racism is still prominent all around us. I see it […]

Being white is more than privilege.

Adela Ludeke, Austin, TX. I know that whites are traditionally “privileged”, but I find it so cringeworthy when I hear other whites checking their privilege. It’s as if they have so much guilt because of what their ancestors did. And it’s more embarrassing when your parents check their privileges. Sure, racism is shameful, but too […]

“An Intelligent, Independent African American Women!”

Malikah Black, Urbana, IL. Based on stereotypes and neither are my sisters. The media instantly judge African American Women on their many failures, but what about their success? You’re most likely to hear about the statics of African American Women getting pregnant in 2015 on social media than those who graduated from college or trade […]

Jew. That’s what they call me.

Kelsey Bamburg, Quinlan, TX I’m not a POC. I will never understand their struggles. I benefit from white privilege. I get called a white girl all the time, and I am one… But living in a small southern town, don’t let the others hear you call me that. To them, I am an outsider. Ostracized […]

Guide To Your Privilege Right

Z Frohna, Los Angeles, CA. So. I’m a white woman who lives in L.A. But I’m also disabled, and a part of the LGBT+ community. Am I privileged? Yes. If someone has privilege, whether it is the dreaded white privilege or economically fueled privilege, it doesn’t mean, “they are a terrible person,” or, “their life […]

We must stand together as one

Ryan Dodds, McCook Lake, SD I believe in times like these, we must stand together against the evils of this world. I believe that many things can be done to achieve this. White people must understand that their lives are very different from minority lives. They often take everything as an insult. They believe that […]


Mara, CANADA. I am not a racist. But I feel the world (politicians and social activists) are turning me into one. I am so fed up with the race card on every corner. You can’t have a normal discussion anymore. And DON’T gets me started on “reverse racism” It’s all so wrong. The world has […]

“Basic white girl, you’ll never understand.”

Rebecca Robrahn, Holland, MI. No matter how much I try to learn and read and participate in conversations, I’m told I can’t understand, will never understand, that my privilege blinds me. I know I can never truly feel the experience of living in America as a black, Asian or Latina woman, but I *AM* trying. […]

Disappointed in myself and my country

Miranda Nogaki, Burien, WA. I’m sad and shamed it took me so long to see the racism in myself and my country. It’s so much a part of my thought processes, my brain now feels wrong. I’m eager to do the hard work of learning to listen, how to drop my agenda and expectations of […]

White Girl Trying To Be Ally

Lynsey Owen, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC I recognize my privilege. I choose to educate myself on how to help in addition to correcting any inherently racist tendencies I witness. I just want to be the best ally that I can be.

If I’m privileged, I didn’t know

Stephanie D Schrodetzki, Old Dominion University, Chesapeake, VA I didn’t know that the color of my skin afforded me privileges until I watched a video about students moving forward on a line or staying still based on sentences that applied to them. Even though I didn’t have an advantaged youth, I was able to achieve […]

I understand that I will never understand

Sarah, Longview, WA I saw these words somewhere and it really stuck with me. I have been told many times that I will never understand what other races go through in America. I understand that is true. But I stand with all others and think it is important for those who have privilege’s to understand […]

A Struggle I Will Never Understand

Sara Pardo, Millers Creek, NC I am a white woman. I occasionally hear a comment that is stereotypical or discriminatory against white people. However, I have never been pulled over because of my race. I have never been denied a job because of my race. I have never experienced institutionalized racism. I will never understand […]

Tiring of race issues shows privilege.

Queenie, Virginia Beach, VA. I am an African American mother of a 23 year old son. We have seen lots of race issues on the news, on television shows, and on social media in the last year. The response that I see many white people say is that they are tired of hearing about these […]

I didn’t choose to be white

Amelia, Salt Lake City, UT I understand that I am nothing. I’m a worthless piece of trash, a waste of a human life. There are many who hate me. Some don’t even know me. I’m a slow learner, sure, hate me for that. I’m annoying sometimes. Hate me for that. I messed up. Hate me […]

This country is such a beautiful place

Kelly Mulvany, Chandler, AZ This country is beautiful BECAUSE we are not all white. The variety of cultures and beautiful people ARE what makes America great and I would not like to see that whitewashed. If that means giving up privileges than so be it- after all, have so many people already proved it’s doable?

White but never owned a slave

Crystal, Fredericksburg, VA Honestly I am getting sick and tired of being told I need to apologize for slavery. I have NEVER owned a slave and refuse to apologize for something I had no part in. I do not feel privileged in fact if a white man and a black man with the same credentials […]

Privilege means responsibility to be better.

Morgan Lavandowska Minneapolis, MN As a 21 year old white woman, I have the privilege of being white that gives me power to do what others can’t. Instead of abusing that power, I prefer to try to help bring positive change to the world and, hopefully, help bring equality for all.

Use privilege to give a voice to others

Isabelle Norconk, San Diego, CA. As a white woman, I don’t experience the struggle and discrimination that other men and women of minority groups feel. That’s not to say I have no problems, they just don’t have to do with systemic racism and racial stereotypes. Something I can do to combat this and to add […]

Privileged. No choice in the matter.

Kole Myrick, Portland, OR. As a trans man I often feel very marginalized, but when you look at it based solely on race, I have an incredible amount of privilege. Because of these intersections it is up to me, and other white trans folks, to help bring up trans people of color. We are all […]

Man, that white boy got soul.

Michael Doran, Selinsgrove, PA. I am a student of music, and I love with the genre of soul/blues music like The Temptations or John Legend. Once, at an audition for the Voice, I was approached by a group of black guys who told me the six words above. It amazes how these barriers of white […]

Not just a spoiled white girl

Cassidy-Rae Bastarache, Gardner, MA I’m white and some people assume that I am privileged and have money based on some of the expensive things that I own and the vacations that I have taken. The truth is that my parents are hard working middle class people who work lots of overtime to give me and […]

Black Lives Matter, Act Like It!

Nayana Davis, Wayne State, Detroit, MI Black people should not have to keep repeating that we matter because just like white people we matter too. White people do not have to keep saying it to get their point across because they already have privilege that is given to them without them even asking for it.

“So… I should just check ‘Other’?”

Hannah Killen, Lubbock, TX I’ve been called racially ambiguous more times than I can count. The thing is, just because I’m mixed doesn’t mean I don’t want a claim to my race. Just because I can pass as white doesn’t mean I want to pretend for the privileges. I love my culture and I take […]

White privilege was actual, palpable relief

Xacu Seattle, WA The country we came from views us as bad and wrong. We were conquered, killed, and hated. Laws were made against us, we were disallowed to speak our own language, forced to speak theirs. When I say hunted, I mean there were death squads sent out by the government that took 21,000+ […]

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m White

Julie Kendall, Duncan, OK. I feel stereotyped and judged just because I was born a white female and am considered a conservative, and am older. I didn’t choose my ethnicity any more than the next person. What’s this term “privileged” that I keep seeing posted everywhere in conjunction with being white? That’s kind of offensive. […]

White privileged with a blended family

Anonymous, Saint Paul, MN. I grew up northern CA in a very middle class well to do with family that was racially homogeneous with a strong catholic upbringing. Some years after my dad passed away, my mom remarried to an Asian American man who had three children of his own- our families merged – my […]

Privileged whites must start the conversation

Marcia Ladd, Chapel Hill, NC. A group from my Presbyterian Church has been studying and talking about the black experience, white privilege and what we can do to make changes. We have learned the hard way we cannot go into a group of black folks, church or otherwise and tell them what to do. We […]

Private School? No, I’m not rich.

Tempe Ray Memphis, TN I have the privilege of attending a private school. Many people assume that just because I go to a private school it must mean that I have a lot of money. Yes, my family has enough to pay for private school tuition, but that means we don’t have extra money to […]

Obstacle course meets me every day

SLTR Seattle, WA I was raised in a white protestant homogenous family. From the time I was young, my curiosity led me to friends of other colors, races, personalities…anything new. In my 40’s I find myself with a Mexican husband, in a profession where I constantly learn and teach in a petri dish of races, […]

Acutely aware of my own whiteness

Grace Mayes, Bella Vista, AR. As a white female that grew up in a latino and black populated area with an English as a Second Language teacher as a mother, I’ve always been aware of my racial identity and the privilege it provides me. As I grow older, I am becoming more aware of how […]

Post-Racial? Stop. Look. Listen. Racism’s Here.

Kyle Alexander, Rochester, NY. Coming from a position a white privilege and having a large peer network of other white individuals. I hear a lot of quite muttering of “post-racial” society, and “I don’t even think about race, we’re all the same”. No. We’re not all the same and the only reason you are supporting […]

Not Racist, Not Privileged, Just White.

Francis Skony, Chicago, IL. Being an almost 40 year old man from Chicago, I’ve always grown up with a melting pot of friends, acquaintances, co-workers. I do not judge anyone by their race – I will have an opinion based on how some present themselves to the world. If you have no respect and no […]

I am white, I am privileged.

Carly Mayer, Portland, OR. Often I hear white people say that they are not privileged because they aren’t wealthy, or because they aren’t straight, etc. But white people have a privilege that most of us are unaware of. We don’t get pulled aside at airports or pulled over by police officers or verbally assaulted solely […]

Poor White Kid, Wheres My Privilege?

Chris, Redlands, CA. Growing up on welfare, to a single mother in rural Michigan, I learned not to expect help from anyone. However, my whole life I have heard of this privilege that we all are given given because we are white. While I’ve never been in another persons footsteps, life hasn’t been very easy, […]

I’m white. So you hate me.

Annie, Glen Burnie, MD. I keep seeing people saying fuck white people. I am anything but privileged. I had a black manager who hated me. She did everything she could to try to keep me from succeeding two years ago. She threatened me on my birthday. Then, next birthday, she had everybody get together and […]

Race conversation is hard; do it

R.E.A.L. Talk, High Tech Middle Media Arts, 7th Grade Trailblazer Growing up I never encountered racism. I use to think everyone had the privilege to do anything they like such as going to the same restaurant or going to the movies. What I know now is that is wasn’t like that. Our history has shown […]

White denial of privilege hurts all

Karen Randolph Rogers, Kansas City, MO. I’m a civil rights attorney who grew up in a predominantly white rural area and left for the city. I see the pain that racism causes in my work and my personal life and try to convey that to white friends and family who deny their privilege. #SafetyPin

It’s Okay To Talk About Race

Courtnay S., Arlington, VA. Why are we so uncomfortable talking about racial privilege? Does anyone shy away from saying they are privileged because of their income, sex, language, or education? Western privilege exists. English-speaking privilege exists. On that same token, white privilege exists. It is okay to have money, to be male, to be American, […]

Speak if silence is a privilege.

Annie Berman, Northhampton, MA. Smith College This is what it means to be a good ally. It is not POC’s job to be the only ones constantly asserting that their lives matter. Silence can be a powerful tool of resistance and empowerment, but not when white people who think race does not concern them choose […]

Born privileged, living poor. Gained perspective.

Elizabeth Foster, Little Rock, AR. Growing up in a mostly-white suburb of Chicago, I was isolated from cultural and socioeconomic differences. Through my privilege, I was able to travel to countries both more and less affluent than that of my upbringing. Now that I live independently & make much less money than my parents, I […]

My heritage is Irish, not white.

S. Aleana, Ocala, FL. I did not come from a privileged white family. My family line on all sides traces back to the early 1900’s. They were poor Irish immigrants. I have been told I do not understand how minorities feel because I am white and privileged. I have never been handed anything in life, […]

I fully accept and understand privilege.

Emily Glemzu, Chesapeake, VA. As a white person I totally understand that I was born with certain privileges that others lack. It is my responsibility to share and use this power for the greater good, to influence others to disengage from prejudice thoughts and activities.

Society is crashing, be white passing.

Jake Carrasco O’Connell, San Francisco, CA. I chose my six words to be: society is crashing, be white passing. I chose these six words because my whole life I’ve seen that if you can pass for white that it is just as good as being white. I attended a predominately white private high school and […]

We invent race to justify intolerance

Joshua San Antonio, TX We are all one race and have only minor different biological features. Do you really believe that is the driving force behind our discrimination and stereotypical caricaturizations of each other? If we were all perfectly homogenized and mixed race, would will still discrimination against each other based on class, money, or […]

My shopping bags don’t get checked.

Ashley Cooper Hair, Washington,DC. Georgetown Day School In the town where I went to high school, the privilege I felt was one of class. There were almost no people of color. Living in Washington, DC, I feel my white privilege constantly. Not only am I not followed around Best Buy, my shopping bags are never […]

Do hillbillies have white privilege too?

Anonymous, Knoxville, TN. I’m from the Mountain South, where white privilege and racism take on a range of meanings outside the mainstream. I’ve heard our regional identity described as a kind of “otherized whiteness,” and I think that’s about right. Whatever else we were, we always knew our whiteness was the wrong kind. That’s what […]

Privilege should be the ‘Zero line’

Taylor Johnson, Glen Mills, PA. I see privilege as an opportunity to make change and I would like to see it break out of the notion that it is for a restricted group. I’d like to see privilege as the zero line for everyone regardless or race, gender ethnicity… Now, I have no idea how […]

What about the white people?

Anonymous, CA. Why isn’t there scholarships for white people? Why is there scholarships based on race anyways? Why isn’t there white history month? Why aren’t white people referred to as “white” but black people are generally referred to as “African American?” Why do they get often times get offended by being called “black” but white […]

Yes, I’m white. But not privileged.

JMM, Nashville, TN. I’m white. 100% pale as can be white. I grew up as one of a small handful of white children in my elementary and middle school, and was relentlessly teased. White girl. Cracker. White b****. All names I was called. I had gum put in my hair. I was beaten up. I […]

Will My Children Know White Privilege?

Ellie Myers, Saint Louis, MO. I was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri where the tension around race politics is palpable. Race never played a big role in my life, because it never had to. That is, until I started dating black men. I remember friends in high school joking about me going to, […]

White People, White Culture, Social construct

Barry Irving, Syracuse, NY. …History tells us that Whiteness has always been a social construct that is used to exclude certain groups… ( people of Color ) …The notion of White culture is a Myth… …White People are not a single ethnic Group or a distinct number of ethnicities. They are an amalgamation of everyone […]

My privilege: not guilt, but Responsibility

Anonymous, Portland, OR. I use the Race Card project framework to update my racial autobiography occasionally, so it changes over time. Right now, I am struck by the urgency to unpack my White privilege and not waste time or energy on guilt. I didn’t make systemic racism but I know it exists to engineer some […]

2042 can not come fast enough.

Nathan Henderson-James, Oakland, CA. 6 words is obviously limiting. However, my 6 reflect my own experience growing up as one of the few white kids in my local public schools. It was an education being constantly in the minority (in school, outside of those walls, I was comfortably back in a white affluent world) and […]

“The majority won’t address Racism honestly”

Barry Irving, Syracuse, NY. …white people are bred from the notion color superiority and first privilege. They don’t see others as equal and that is a distortion that is age old. So when addressing race, the new descendants of old Racism think that they have no blame whatsoever. Even though Their social attitudes are in […]

My privilege is choosing to engage.

Annie Greenberger, New York, NY. Georgetown Day School I realize that I have the choice whether to engage in this project, I have the choice not make a statement, I can decide if it is important to me and the is my white privilege.

Being white makes me feel guilty

Micaela Laurelville, OH My privilege is always at the forefront of my mind. I cry in history class and while reading certain historical books. How does one make up for the past crimes of people that I can’t help but perceive as my ancestors?

Caucasian, trying not to be white

Anonymous Mobile, AL I was born and raised Caucasian, though of course, like most Caucasians, I was referred to and referred to myself as “white.” But like so many, I found myself attracted to African American culture, and, generally, more accepted by African Americans. As I’ve grown, becoming an instructor of English and therefore, an […]

“Not seeing” race is a privilege!

Amanda Feinman Poughkeepsie, NY Race is a social category, which is given meaning by institutional and cultural systems of advantage of disadvantage. Race is significant in light of these conferred and withheld advantages: it continues to dictate the distribution of resources; it impacts access to education, healthcare, employment, and other areas of the public sphere; […]

Light skin doesn’t make me privileged

Em New York, NY Born in Mexico, to mexican parents, crossed the border to find a better life, learning english on tv, grew up in Queens, the most ethnically diverse county in the US, with Colombians, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Ecuadorians, two brothers many shades darker than I, my mother “the help,” always having too […]

Privilege is not having to notice.

Jennifer DiBrienza Palo Alto, CA Growing up as a white woman, I never had to think very much about race. As an adult I have tried to better understand the experiences of others and I was shocked by how drastically different experiences of other Americans were. I have the luxury of not having to think […]

Just got blamed for being white.

Anonymous Frederick, MD Another woman just stopped on the street and screamed at me because I’m white and that must make me privileged. She has no idea that my both my parents are currently unemployed, I’m putting myself through school, and I get threatened for being white on a daily basis.

Individual or systemic, racism always matters.

Giselle Sanchez Huerta Poughkeepsie, NY Race is a concept that continues privilege, structural power, and inequitable distribution of resources based on phenotypes/ sets of observable characteristics. Race is a social construct, meaning that it was created through social interactions. Society and its people built the concept and continue to give it meaning. That is not […]

I recognize my privilege in life.

Anonymous, Baltimore, MD I am a middle class American female, who, through feminism, was able to come to terms with my real place in this society. Through my ongoing search to define what being a woman means to me, and being an active participant in the debate community, I have come across many pieces of […]

Don’t blame me for the past.

Greg Camp Fayetteville, AR I did not live in the era of legal slavery or Jim Crow. I did not support those laws. And don’t waste my time with talk about privilege. Claiming that white males have privilege simply by virtue of being white males denies the diversity in outcomes that we experience.

Tell me again how I’m privileged.

Anonymous Chicago, IL I am female and white. Often I am told by my POC friends that my life is easier than theirs and I am privileged because I am white. We discuss race and culture because we are comfortable and open with one another. I hear their points of view on a predominately white […]

Acknowledging privilege isn’t accepting the blame.

Branden Bean Drake Seattle, WA None of us decided to be born white, just as none of us created the social and political systems that discriminate against people based on race. You didn’t choose for things to be this way, but they are. Acknowledging that these pre-existing systems benefit you doesn’t make you a bad […]

Is it my fault I’m white?

Ashley S. Elkton, MD People say I’m privileged, that I’m treated better because I’m white, and a woman, and a Christian, that I had educational and professional opportunities that would’ve been closed to others. Does it make me a bad person because I grab at every chance and don’t let go, because I know that […]

The more denial, the more racism.

Mary Clark Baltimore, MD People who feel that the current state of race relations are not that damaging/not that big of a deal/brought on by deserving behavior of minorities need to make conscious efforts to become aware of what perpetuates racism and race division in our society and the very large part that privilege plays […]

My whiteness empowers daily racial blindness

Jim Beaverton, OR As a white man, I am constantly swimming in a sea of racial ignorance. I have the privilege of never having to think of myself as a racial being in this society. I can spend hours, days, weeks, and even months never having to think of myself as a white man. I […]

“Reverse Racism”? Your privilege is showing…

Andrew V. Chavanak Falls City, NE When companies choose to make diversity a priority in hiring, or universities seek to create a more diverse student body and white people miss out, it’s not racism. Racism is about power, and no one can claim that power is shared equally in this country. Hearing other white people […]

Only whites can truly ignore racism

Bjorn Leslie Harlson Seattle, WA For the longest time I was not fully aware of my own privilege. I would be one of those crying “reverse racism” at things like affirmative action, or any other sort of law that identifies people by their race in anyway. After taking some classes in the matter and talking […]

Racist because my skin is white?

Cynthia Fine, Spokane, WA. Living in a part of the country that is predominately white I’ll confess to racial ignorance or naivety, but does that make me racist? As a divorced woman with children who qualified for free hot lunch my life hasn’t felt like one of privilege.

I speak Spanish because I am white

Justine Knudson Boise, ID I don’t come from a family of great social status, but as a white, native English speaker in the United States, I was born with a certain degree of power. My privilege comes from my race and native language. People in power must take action in order for social change to […]

Not all blacks are African American

Eric D. Riner, VA Both of my parents were born in Haiti and legally immigrated to the United States where I was born. I feel blessed and privilege to call myself Haitian American. I have a rich experience because I grew up as a part of two cultures. My niece and nephew are of Haitian, […]

The price of privilege is fear

Erika Malinoski Oakland, CA When I was in college, I ran psychology experiments on volunteer college students, and I was always perfectly comfortable running the experiment late at night alone in the building except for the participant. Until I went to do the exact same thing I’d done a hundred times with a Black participant. […]

This privilege sucks. Please send cash.

Todd Maxwell Omaha, NE Look, I get the whole white privilege thing. I read “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” and I understand it. What I don’t get is how any of that stuff supposedly helps me, gives me a boost, other than in some vague self-esteem sorta way. (That’s putting aside several items that have just […]

Kenya 1965: child sees poverty, privilege

Jane Alexander Indianapolis, IN I spent two years of my childhood (ages 8-10) in Nairobi, Kenya, where my father was teaching. It was the most formative time in my childhood, and what I saw/learned there informed my adult ideas and character tremendously.

I can’t help my own privilege

Laura Rogers Seattle, WA I know I have privilege in our country, as an upper-middle-class white woman. I don’t need to be told this again and again. Please don’t hold it against me. I’m an ally, if you would just get to know me.

White mother brown daughter love fear

Dina Stonberg Philadelphia, PA I have had the privilege to not have to think about race most of my life. Fell in love with a wonderful, kind, caring African American man – formed our family through adoption and now have the privilege of raising a beautiful, smart African American daughter. She is a joy every […]