Racism takes many forms and colors.

Catherine Marenghi Marblehead, MA My family is white, and I was pleased to find no slave owners in my past — but I found a slave. The American Revolutionary War was fought with the help of slave soldiers: Hessian (German) soldiers were forcibly taken from their homes an sold as slave soldiers to King George […]

Race is Fiction. Racism is Fact

Byron Parrish Boston, MA The idea of race is a fiction. There is no basis in biology for saying there are different races. Our ideas of race are a social construct, historically made up to support the unequal privileges and disadvantages that occur because of racism. However, racism is a real aspect of life in […]

Racism does exist, you shouldn’t lie.

Monica Wesner Rutherfordton, NC I am white and see it everyday in this little Southern town. I know they are lying because whenever they say the word “black” they lower their voices and look both ways, as if they were crossing the street. Some are bound and determined to vote President Obama out just because […]

You can’t fight racism with racism.

John Philadelphia, PA Being racist towards white people, setting double standards or heavily restricting white people where POC are given the ability to say and do anything, even if it is offensive will only perpetuate racism. It doesn’t matter if you think it is justified or not. Human nature is the same, regardless of skin […]

The more denial, the more racism.

Mary Clark Baltimore, MD People who feel that the current state of race relations are not that damaging/not that big of a deal/brought on by deserving behavior of minorities need to make conscious efforts to become aware of what perpetuates racism and race division in our society and the very large part that privilege plays […]

I was born because of racism.

Chelsea Lowe Boston, MA In 1959, my mother was engaged to marry a man who wanted a black best man at their wedding. Even though my grandfather had made a point of drinking from “colored” fountains when the family drove south to Florida, this was–you could say–beyond the pale. “I can understand an old family […]

Republican’s Voter Suppression – Racism Still Alive


“What are YOU doing here?”

Glenn Dixon Ft. Worth, TX Those were the words that opened my eyes to the state of racism in America. At the time, I was sitting in the back seat of a police car next to another guy, both of us in handcuffs. The question came from a Fort Worth police officer who was curious, […]

Racism rare. Racial bias everywhere.

Ed Milkow Los Banos, CA I think it’s time we moved away from the language of racism. It feels false to most people, and ends more conversations than it starts. Very few people would recognize themselves as racist, and, in fact, it has been my observation that racism – the thought that a group of […]

I accept but don’t embrace, racism?

Christine Brown Baltimore, MD I live in an urban multicultural neighborhood and upon reflection I realize I have not truly embraced this neighborhood as my home. I question my own distance not to my direct neighbors but the neighborhood at large. When walking through the neighborhood I avoid group of teens or greet with a […]

I hate racism, it should end

Matthew Middletown, NJ I am a 6th grade student at Bayshore Middle School and some of my friends get made fun of by their race. I think that racism is very cruel and it should be stopped. It doesn’t matter what race you are, you should always be treated fairly.

Racism is stupid; don’t be stupid.

Patrick Nolan Jacksonville Beach, FL As an educator having taught in urban school districts for more than twenty-seven years I have had the pleasure of teaching students from numerous cultural and ethnic backgrounds: We’re all one race–Human–and the variety we present is astonishing and awesome. My students have taught me that external factors have nothing […]

The elephant in our nation’s bedroom

Jonscott Williams Gilbert, AZ I am “openly Black”, though I have been described by some Whites as someone who “happens to be Black”, as if that’s some sort of compliment. Being openly Black I find that anytime one mentions race/racism/race relations in almost any context one will be accused of “playing the race card … […]

Is this what racism feels like?

Christine Boston, MA I was shopping with a dear friend and her two children. She needed to use the restroom so I gladly took her precious chubby baby in my arms while I waited with the other boy in his stroller. It could not have been 5 minutes before some nasty woman came up to […]

Racism does not exist without you.

Stacey Van Buskirk Ann Arbor, MI If you choose to treat everyone equal, racism would not exist in your world. The only person you can control is yourself. You can control how you react and how you act in terms of racism. Treat everyone equal and ignore people who treat you less than that. One […]

Injustice exists today; I don’t wait.

Savannah Ann Arbor, MI As a white person, I can’t wait until tomorrow to become a better ally or to fight against racism or oppression. Injustice exists now, so I must act now. To wait, to see activism or allyhood as a secondary priority, is to forget that the lack of urgency is a result […]

Racism is too strong a word

Ashley Z. PA One of my white friends once asked me if anyone had ever been racist to me. I said no, but I tried to explain that racist was too strong of a word. I’ve certainly felt racial tension, and that awkwardness when people feel they’ve said something that might offend me but it”s […]

Racism: It’s worse than I thought.

Lisa Schlosberg Ann Arbor, MI Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan The facilitators of a race and ethnicity activity asked us to walk from one side of the hall to the other if we had ever been followed around in a store while shopping. The lone black girl of our group took a step forward, […]

Racism ends where race is unnoticed

Raoul Martin Ann Arbor, MI Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan “Racism ends where race is unnoticed” because people from the same race tend to form isolated groups and it is the fractionation of human that causes fear and hate. As a student in a university ethnically diverse, I often observe people from the same […]

A white woman not white demon

Amy Righter Macon, GA I was raised to be open-minded and appreciate all cultures equally. Then I grew up to discover that my culturally different friends were raised to see people quite differently. I have been pegged a white demon in at least a dozen situations. My parents believed that racism starts and ends at […]

Racism Deniers Are The Worst Racists

Garrick Kevin Peterson Exeter, CA Being a WASP, I am privy to what white people say about blacks, hispanics and other minorities. Often they think I have the same attitudes as they do, or that I am as willing to look the other way. The kind of racism I know the most about is white-on-black […]

Racism? No, I just don’t like YOU!

DB Bradford My pet peeve – people who unfairly claim racism when things don’t go their way. Ex – a man repeatedly asked me for dates. I repeatedly said no. His response “What? you don’t date *** (people of his race)???” No Jerome, I just don’t want to date YOU.

Yes, I am an American Indian.

Thomas LaVergne Kenton, OH People sometimes do not believe I am who I am due to stereotypes from Hollywood films. Not all Indians have dark skin, brown eyes, black hair, and live on reservations. Racism can exist by people denying you your identity.

“Check car locks because I’m black”

Cindi Knox Joliet, IL I am often unsure I locked the car doors, so I give the fob a couple presses to hear the horn. Sometimes there is a person nearby, and I wonder if the person thinks it’s because I’m racist. At a church conversation on race, an African American speaker talked about the […]

CONTENT OF CHARACTER: forgotten or ignored?

Kate Ann Arbor, MI “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. Your skin color and/or screaming “racist” don’t earn you a free […]

Jesse Jackson fears black youths: racism?

Michael Trigoboff Tigard, OR Even Jesse Jackson said a few years ago, “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” http://www.usnews.com/usnews/opinion/articles/960318/archive_010008.htm Young black males commit crime way out of proportion to […]

Race for the cure to Racism.

Charles D. Scott IL Racism is the cancer of our society. We have been lied to about who we really are. We have been lied to about how the “so-called” Races have come about. Are whites better because they lack the capacity to naturally protect themselves from the sun? Are blacks of a lesser degree […]

Can’t deny white privilege. Can you?

Toni Wilcox Tampa, FL As I age I become less and less optimistic that we, as a nation, will ever be able to leave racism in the past or to heal thoroughly. In my more morose moments I think that maybe we will, but then we’ll just find other basis for hate.

Stop Fearing Those Who Are Different

Charles Wright Hernando, MS I think fear is the basic emotion that fosters racism. The comfort zone gets compromised by all the stereotypes, then the consequent anger over the fear that is created forms lifelong common beliefs that evolve into hatred. BAH!

Goes both ways, fed by ignorance.

Bill Ramos Jensen Beach, FL I am Puerto Rican and can tell you that racism is not just a black and white problem. We need to see this issue through a more all-encompassing view. I am, as my mother described me, a “butterscotch” Puerto Rican. Not black as my grandfather nor as alabaster as my […]

I’m tired of this being important.

David Dayton, OH I’m tired of Racism, I’m tired of tip-toeing around racial issues, I’m tired of people blaming “political correctness,” I’m tired of worrying about the children of color that I know, I’m tired of seeing people hurt, I’m tired of hearing racist stuff, I’m tired of feeling guilty for not confronting all of […]

Racism is still alive (and) doing well.

Albert Seloover Weatherford, TX Submitted via: NPR’s Talk of the Nation I was the first white man to have African Americans as room-mates at Carswell AFB, in 1961, in the air police squadron. I thought nothing about it, but almost every one else, thought it was outrageous. I was from Illinois, and maybe that made […]

Racism Always Rears It’s Ugly Head

Kim Rockhill, SC We are ALL different shades of brown, there is no “black” people or “white” people or at least I have never seen one. With so many physical things that make us unique, why is it that race has to cause such an uproar? My God, this is sooo old until its not […]

A cancer being treated with aspirin.

Marie Sutton Birmingham,AL The effects of racism are deep — reaching down into the marrow and the soul of this country. We have yet to find a way to effectively treat it. In the meantime, the cancer grows and spreads and reveals itself in many ways like flawed immigration reform, the shooting of Trayvon Martin, […]

Racism, even subtle, still is.

Anonymous OR I’ve found that those who are most dismissive of racism are those least affected by it.  If you don’t think racism still exists then shut up, sit down, and listen.  It is still a factor!