I am white and not racist

Pia Knittle Flagstaff, AZ I don’t want to be stereotyped as a racist just because I am Caucasian. I believe that only through open-mindedness, tolerance, and communication can we make this a better place. We should focus on dialogue and this might be a good place to start.

How do I stop being racist?

Bobbie Virginia Beach, VA I have so many confused thoughts about race. If everyone around me is white, and I’m white, what else should I be used to? The first time I saw a black adult, I felt the same as I think you would feel if you saw a green or blue person. I […]

And I have several black friends!

Christy Berger San Francisco, CA Being non racist in our day to day lives is great, but it is not the same as being anti racist. We need to start with the former in many cases, but our challenge is to not lose sight of the latter.

White. Not racist. Tired of accusation.

Marianna Boncek Woodstock, NY I am a high school teacher. I have been accused of being a racist so many times I can’t count. I am not a racist, nor have I ever been. I actually have a multi-racial family by marriage. The first time a student accused me of being a racist I was […]

I see a black man. Why?

Drew Mills Greenville, IN I grew up in a tiny town in Kentucky where black people lived in another part of town, always. Although I don’t think of myself as racist, and I’ve had black friends and; colleagues, and church brothers, I still see black people as black and not as just people. I can’t […]

Because I’m white, I’m racist?

Jackson Macdonald Burlington, VT Although I am white i got to a school that is split almost evenly white and black. We are a very diverse school. However I feel whenever I make a comment to a black student or a student of any other race I’m told I’m a racist. I don’t try to […]

Blacks perpetuate our nation’s racist controversies.

Rocco Curro Newark, DE There will never be a “post-racial” time in America. It’s as if our nation will not just have stain on it’s history; rather a stain for it’s future in which will anchor us down. Minorities are now “created” out of social thin air: “latinos” (as if this is a monolithic of […]

Not born racist, just born white

Jake Skillman Greenfield, IN Even as a small child I loved diversity, insisting on going to Korean school on Saturdays with my friends, checking out language books in Romanian, Japanese, Spanish and even Swahili. It’s crazy, because I grew up on a country farm, living in a trailer. Some how that automatically made me a […]

We are all a little racist.

Joyce French Ann Arbor, MI We can think that we are not racist, but we all hold thoughts and beliefs that are racist. Racism is ignorance about another group based on fear and distrust., in my opinion.

My great great Grandfather saved you!

Michael Smith Waco, TX I am sick and tired of being called a racist because I am a white, young, male. My great great Grandfather fought for the union to help free the slaves and keep the US from splitting, so I don’t owe you jack. If anything, you owe my family a gratitude of […]

“First BLACK President” – racist identifier.

Scotty Martone Port Vincent, LA It’s hypocritical for those who claim we are now in a post-racial society, yet continue to use the term “First Black President”. As we all know, President Obama was born into an interracial marriage. Therefore, an all to reasonable argument could be made that he is just another WHITE president. […]

Disagreeing with Obama makes me racist?

Cynthia Ruccia Columbus, OH I am white but Jewish, and I grew up in a time when the Jews were barred from many many things because of our religion. My brother and I were the only Jews in our school and I was constantly chased around being called “dirty Jew” and “Christ killer” and told […]

Race adopting outside Race,…. least racist.

Tod Carey Laguna Woods, CA In my 66 years,.. I don’t recall seeing an Hispanic couple with their adopted Black baby in the baby carriage. I can’t recall ever seeing an Asian couple walking down the street hand in hand with their adopted White child. For the life of me,… I don’t remember ever seeing […]

Everybody’s racist, because race still matters.

Jeff Case Redwood City, CA It really doesn’t matter if you’re Black, White, Asian, Hispanic…the first thing you notice about anyone is how they are different from you. That is human nature. What isn’t human nature is the stereotypes that accompany those perceptions. Those are absent in early childhood, but learned over the years, fueled […]

Is “McDonald’s CEO Black” racist statement?

Anonymous Franklin, IN It seems that this wouldn’t have been pointed out if he were white. It is an important milestone, but with a ?Black President, Black Coaches winning the Super Bowl, and lots of Black Executives at all levels it seems that this is not a necessary statement or headline. I can see that […]

Jesse Jackson fears black youths: racism?

Michael Trigoboff Tigard, OR Even Jesse Jackson said a few years ago, “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” http://www.usnews.com/usnews/opinion/articles/960318/archive_010008.htm Young black males commit crime way out of proportion to […]

Under society’s surface, outer skin matters.

Tracee H. Norfolk, VA It’s amazing how similar everyone is, while somehow they just can’t see eye-to-eye. As a white teacher I get called racist often, while my blood boils in rage every time whites view/treat blacks as inferior or as the government’s unfairly “privileged ones.”

Only bigots believe prejudice is universal

J Wildman Saint Louis, MO I grew up in a household where we were basically allowed to develop our own opinions about prejudice. I’ve never been a racist. My prejudice of choice was against gay men. Something that I’m still ashamed of having felt, even though I’ve since let that go. When I became an […]

Being a minority is NOT a crutch!

Fort Wayne, IN As part of a minority group, it can be very aggravating when I hear others say that they were given a reprimand at work, a ticket while driving, or a bad grade, JUST because they are of a minority group. “Racist!” they yell on top of their lungs, what happened to personal […]

Don’t assume all whites are racist.

Theresa CA I used to work in a public library. Sometimes, if people were too noisy, or were otherwise interfering with other people’s use of the facility, I would have to ask them nicely to stop what they were doing. Frequently, if the other person were non-white, I’d be told, “You’re just picking on me […]