Perpetually stuck in limbo. Where’s home?

Kunrui Peng I was born in Shanghai, China and moved to New Orleans, LA when I was just 3 years. By that point, my parents had spent the first 30+ years of their lives in China, and to this day we speak primarily Mandarin at home. “How do you actually pronounce your name?” In Chinese […]

No More Hidding, Bold Brilliantly Black

Tanisia Murrell. Retail Bank I have spent most of my life muting who I am to fit into a box that wasn’t created for me. Looking for acknowledgment of my gifts and talents, especially in the workplace. I will no longer be silent! Choosing to bring all of me and the tremendous value to my […]

Appreciating everything that makes us unique.

Rebecca Ducote, Retail Bank We are all different in some way, it can be a different race, weight, religion, the way we think, or the things we do. It makes us who we are, if we were all the same, how boring would that be? I believe everyone is unique in their own way and […]

Feeling accepted and understood without boundaries

Shekeira. Retail Bank Some people are friendly because they feel they have to be but do they really accept who you. Do they accept your culture, ethnicity, skin color, race, or religion? Do they seek interest in truly understanding who you are? Do they look beyond your differences and not build a wall and only […]

I can’t be me without you

Matt Borgert-Spaniol. Retail Bank The ability to love and be loved is the universal truth that binds us to each other, and the only way I can be the greatest me I can be is by seeing myself in the face of all others. I am you and you are me, and when we recognize […]

Being accepted exactly as I am!

Wendy Biondi. Retail Bank I came back into the work force a couple of years ago after being a stay at home to my four kids for 14 years. I am an older ambassador amongst a lot of young people. Even though we don’t necessarily share a lot in common with regard to our lifestyles, […]