Teach them young to be one

000509-A-1601C-004 Military dependent children at this Child Development Center at Fort Belvoir, Va., and others like it at bases throughout the world enjoy some of the most affordable and high-quality child care in the country according to the National WomenÕs Law Center. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen was presented a copy of the study entitled ÒBe All That We Can Be: Lessons from the Military for Improving Our NationÕs Child Care SystemÓ by Nancy Campbell, co-director of the center, in a Pentagon press briefing on May 16, 2000. The Center cited the military in their report as an Ò...excellent model for the very real reforms that need to be made in civilian child care policy and practice as well.Ó DoD photo by Dave Clemens, U.S. Army. (Released)

Jessica Clark,
Chesapeake, VA.

We are not born racist.


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