Teaching My Children About Racism – Disturbing!

Louisville, KY.

In 2014, our 11 year old son would play outside everyday with the neighborhood little boys. Our son was told by the 10 year old friend and next door neighbor his mom said my son could not come inside his house. He was also NOT invited to the 10 year next neighbor’s birthday party. All white kids were outside laughing and playing in the backyard. None of the children of color in the neighborhood was at this birthday party, even though they would play together OUTSIDE every day. Our son was hurt and confused as he looked out the window in tears and watched this eerie birthday celebration take place. He asked us why he did not get invited to his friends’ birthday party. I called the mother next door several times. She never answered nor returned my calls. I made sure our neighbors were home before I knocked on their door, but no one answered. I made these attempts to speak with my neighbor because I needed to make sure I was sure of their character and mindset. I also wanted them to know mine as well. Disturbingly, in September of 2014 we had to explain to our 11 year old son about the ugliness and cruelty of racism.

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5 Responses to "Teaching My Children About Racism – Disturbing!"
  1. Byron says:

    This neighbor of yours is obviously oppressing you. You should force her to integrate the neighborhood.

  2. SartrewasaMoron says:

    Maybe your neighbor is just tired of dealing with your chip-on-the-shoulder, bossy, nosey self. I know your son would not be invited to my child’s party, based on YOUR behavior, not his.

  3. Ann Stanley says:

    I am sorry you had that experience. Some people are not worth knowing. Alot of this stems from envy.

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