Teasing Asians because they’re smart=DUMB

Lauren Dalecke-Sabandith,
Holland, MI.

About my whole life people teased me because I was Asian. I also hear people teasing other people to. People used to say “I’m smart because I’m Asian” and I told them it has nothing to do with being Asian, it is only my race. Asians aren’t born with a computer in there brain. I succeed because I try my hardest and I don’t give up. I practice over and over so I get better. People say they don’t have the time but you just have to make time for it or you just won’t succeed, you have to put time in to it or you will never get better. Good things happen to the those people that work there asses off and never gives up. As Babe Ruth says “It’s hard to beat a person that never gives up”. So just try you hardest and dont give up and just maybe you will be called Asian.


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