The Butter Mexi- Rican, That’s Me

Evangely Arzola,
Auburn, WA

I am Evy, born with the curliest, long brown hair, brown skin, and black eyes. I am biracial, Mexican, and Puerto Rican. There’s always been a push and pull regarding my ethnicity. Most people don’t believe me because my facial features aren’t those of a Puerto Rican or Mexican. People confuse me with other ethnicities. Surprises me when they tell me ” but you don’t act Puerto Rican, you must be this or that”. I never understood since when was race defined by actions. I don’t have to act a certain way to prove what I identify myself as. I’ve had experiences where people are shocked when I start speaking Spanish fluently because I don’t look Hispanic. However, I don’t allow ignorance to affect how I view myself and my identity.


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