They hate me because I’m WHITE

Eddie Savage
Gilberetville, IA

There are bad people in the world, black, white, brown. the color of your skin does not matter. I know I am judged being white and a cop. Racism no matter what anyone says is HORRIBLE and needs to end, but so does the hate children are taught from a young age. We need to make parents responsible and we need to hold ourselves responsible for our actions. No more excuses no more blame, you make decisions and you pay the price. Ignorance is bliss and not every white person is racist, get to know me before you judge me.
I am sick and tired whenever a crime happens and its black vs white, its RACISM, but when a black man shoots and kills another black man the world is silent. Yes we still have a way to go to as a nation but we cant keep going back and blaming the past. We need to make sure we protect everyone.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Agreed. Yes, racism is still a prevalent issue, but in today’s society the immense emphasis on the “politically correct” idea of not hurting anyone’s feelings based on skin color and avoiding controversial topics of race ensure continued racist ideas and redefine racism. Now the “invisible” discrimination is against are people of European decent, because a few white supremacists apparently speak for our entire race.

    We don’t need to stop seeing color. We need to start seeing people and get to know them before making judgments based on predetermined misconceptions of racial stereotypes.

  2. QueenieB says:

    I totally agree. Black on black crime is unacceptable. No crime is acceptable. Period. Growing up in a Caribbean household, I was raised not to judge people by the color of their skin but to judge their character. So I date all races.

    Cops are trained to serve and protect but we see that sometimes, it’s not the case. This has caused this hatred and mistrust- you may not be one but there are rogue cops out there- out for blood- and I’m sure you know at least one.

    I lived in Brooklyn (NY is filled with rogue cops, I’m sorry but they are) and was a witness to a group of undercover (white) cops who jumped out of their unmarked car, knocked a black kid off of his bike (like bullies) while he was riding it and frisked him. Then they jumped right back in their car and sped off. The kid, probably not older than 14, was shaken and he got back on his bike and rode off crying. Are they doing this to young white kids? I don’t think so.

    Too many young black and latino men and now women have died in the hands of the police- and I can only speak about NY cops. Black cops in NY weren’t doing this- they were not frisking young white or black boys riding their bikes in the street. Only white cops. Research high profile cases like Anthony Baez, Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima, Patrick Dorismond, the list goes on and on- just senseless! The city feels that it makes more sense to kill innocent black and latino men and pay their families off than to save money. I call it twisted sacrifice.

    Honestly, when I found out I was having a son, I moved to Florida because I was not going to struggle to raise a son who’s going to die in the hands of a cop. Now that he’s getting older, I plan to move to the islands and home school him instead. If he chooses to come back to America, he will be well informed about how he should act when approached by white cops. But I hope he doesn’t come back because I won’t. I like the whites who come to my country (they’re the best) but not when they are in America.

    • wuzzi says:

      It’s sad that we get to lose good people because there are so many bad things still.

      I miss working at the college I did – it was nice to be around people who wanted to look past what was on the outside and were sincerely interested in what was on the inside. I was grateful when anyone accepted me, because I was sure they had their own assumptions about a working class American girl.

  3. Marcus George says:

    Anglosaxon, I smile, take, untruthfully apologize

  4. Dr. Cookie says:

    I do not hate anyone because of their color or any other demographic category. I have a racially diverse family. But, your desire to put the past behind us and just get along is disingenuous. To quote one of my professor colleagues , ” It is not your fault that your ancestors cut down all the trees, but you still don’t live in a forest.” I don’t either, and my ancestors were not the cutters. We sometimes do have to pay for the sins of our fathers, especially when we are not working to erase them in current times.

    • My ancestors were in Canada at the time. Who am I paying for again?

      • Adrienne Fawkes says:

        Collectively whites benefited from the racial caste system that was made up in both the USA and Canada (you guys always want to play innocent). That is a fact. If history were taught accurately and not through rose coloured glasses we may all get a better understanding (myself included) and may be able once and for all to move past this. Life does note happen in a vacuum. There are always steps you can look back on that got us here.

        • swirler says:

          My fiancé’s Dad buys into this crap (that is what it is) as well. He hates me to death because I’m white, although she has been treated like a queen by me and like crap by brothers. My new in laws even assume the worst, relating me to Bundy and Dahmer.
          I’m so fed up with the reverse discrimination. I’m about one step from rolling up on him.

        • marco polo says:

          Both races are playing innocent. While most whites agree with Ferguson jury decision, majority disagree with Nyc decision. Whites don’t share the tribe mentality that blacks endorse. Whites looked at lawfulness and blacks saw one of their own. Flip each story to 2 dead white men same exact scenarios, and whites would likely feel same on outcomes. Neither case started over race..but refusing police authority and crimes committed. Resisting arrest or assault on a police officer. Now all police are suddenly bad is what I’m hearing from a lot of black people. How does any of this make sense? Apparently it doesn’t have to.

  5. AMP says:

    I carry the shame of having white skin in this country even though you can trace my ancestry as far as you like and you will find peasants and serfs, not slave owners. I carry it because I feel it is my obligation. What was and continues to be done is shameful. The shame makes it hard to have a conversation.

    • Adrienne Fawkes says:

      I carry the shame of having black skin. Although I am a law abiding citizen and college graduate I will be deemed a baby mama, hood rat, loud, nasty, a thief, a liar, a welfare queen, stupid, a bad neighbour, and someone to be watched closely.

      • Product of the reality media, and YMCMB ethnic people support by watching and enjoying. You want to end that? Discourage the acceptance of that mindset. Maybe encourage your fellow black people to increase the statistics of blacks in higher education. People put a lot of stock in numbers like that, and if you want the public to view your collective in a better light, start by asking them to step into it. “Yet our best trained, best educated, best equipped, best prepared troops refuse to fight.”

      • marco polo says:

        That’s not true, only if you’re being uncivilized. Which you don’t sound like you would be.

    • marco polo says:

      Go protest in Ferguson where they will slap your face and steal your phone because you are white and maybe, just maybe you’ll feel better about yourself.

  6. Joann H says:

    I think we need to learn from the past but rise above & move on…. I let my actions speak for themselves not the hue of my skin. I am Caucasian & I know that I am not racist & that I also judge people by their character and actions. I am a proud Mother of a Hispanic/Caucasian daughter and ADORE my two grandchildren who are of Caucasian/Hispanic/Japanese/African American heritage. THEY are our future.. They are the melding of many wonderful cultures… I LOVE how they classify us – Chocolate, Caramel and Vanilla :0)

  7. Cord says:

    I believe in equal rights and everything but what ever I do I will all ways get pulled over by white police for nothing just because of my race and black people are always looking at me with a evil stare and at the gym they refuse to share space with me such as bumping shoulders with me in the hall ways what ever race I encounter they are automatically racist towards me when i am at the store i hve countless numbers of race giving me the evil eye such as mexican,middle easteran and asain .I come from a lower income family and attend a school with wealthy families when I go to hang out at my friends houses I feel deprecated because their houses are 3X my house size the kids all ways complain about things and they are things I know for sure I will never see or do, when I am at their houses the parents always treat me as if I am really poor and don’t belong in the community
    No matter what I am always discriminated against and it bothers me

    • marco polo says:

      So every time you leave home a white cop pulls you? You must be really upset and not driving a Volvo.

    • marco polo says:

      Also much of what you’re saying happens to you happens to white kids too. And if things like big houses complete you, strive to go far in life. Just be able to furnish it and be able to save. And its not kids faults for where their families live. A lot of white kids feel just like you.

  8. marco polo says:

    The term racial privilege is a myth. Unless you can apply it to every single white person, which you cannot do, its a myth. Read about white treatment today by blacks in South Africa, and you will see a lot of similarities. How privileged are whites who can’t buy land or homes because they’re white? Sound familiar?

  9. Bunny Lefluf says:

    “There really is, for humankind there’s really no such thing as race. There’s different tribes but not different races. We’re all one species.”

  10. Bryan Clarke says:

    Racism is how nature preserves. Marxism denies science and brainwashes people into caring more about money that their race or culture. Today we see the results of marxism and it’s not good

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