They hate me because I’m WHITE

Eddie Savage
Gilberetville, IA

There are bad people in the world, black, white, brown. the color of your skin does not matter. I know I am judged being white and a cop. Racism no matter what anyone says is HORRIBLE and needs to end, but so does the hate children are taught from a young age. We need to make parents responsible and we need to hold ourselves responsible for our actions. No more excuses no more blame, you make decisions and you pay the price. Ignorance is bliss and not every white person is racist, get to know me before you judge me.
I am sick and tired whenever a crime happens and its black vs white, its RACISM, but when a black man shoots and kills another black man the world is silent. Yes we still have a way to go to as a nation but we cant keep going back and blaming the past. We need to make sure we protect everyone.


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