Things aren’t always as they seem

Richmond, VA

This applies not only to racism and prejudice, but EVERYTHING!! That homeless person on the corner? They might have a Ph.D but struggles with addiction and mental illness. That person waiting tables and serving your food might be in grad school and working their ass off to not go into debt. We develop these preconceived ideas of people based on what we see outwardly and not based anything else other than that. We think that because a person wears a suit to work everyday and drives a fancy car that they must be very smart and important. Trust me, I’ve known MANY ignorant people that fit this description. Do not ever assume ANYTHING. That boy may like other boys. That mechanic fixing your brakes might own that shop and several others. That hispanic family didn’t jump the border, your taxi driver is not a terrorist and that white girl isn’t “basic.” WE HAVE TO STOP JUDGING EACH OTHER



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