I think I am becoming racist


I work in an area with a lot of Hispanic or Latino immigrants from different places. I have not had many good experiences with them. For awhile I just tried to excuse their behavior as not knowing or understanding the cultural differences but it’s getting harder. Before I continue, yes I know there are good people and bad people everywhere and in every race. But the stealing, the letting kids run in the parking lot, the leaving stuff on the ground on purpose, the bad hygiene — it all gets to me. One moral I hold dearly is respect and bottom line is for whatever reason the overwhelming majority of them do not show it. It’s not just one race or one family but I’d say 95% of them in this area. The few good ones remind me that it is never a whole race but I feel myself becone more prejudiced and hateful. However in the meantime I still treat them with respect, be kind to their children and help them in any way I can like any other customer. What can I do to stop myself from feeling this way?


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