I Think That Race Is Irrelevant


My mothers family is from a Haitian Creole line but I grew up in Montana and my mother and my siblings and I are all of lighter skin but we get dark in summer so other than mom’s hair, and now my beard you really couldn’t tell. So I really grew up outside of the negativity of the whole race issue. I have in my life ran into Skinheads and been glad they couldn’t tell I wasn’t mixed race and I have ran into black supremacists and frankly their ideas seemed just as scary just on the opposite side of the fence. I had the opportunity to go to Australia and ended up living there where I had the good fortune to meet some Aboriginal elders and having some Native American Ancestry from the Lakota what happened to the native people of Australia is a tale all too familiar and in some ways even more sad. They weren’t even considered human beings until the 1970’s in this country. I have done a lot of reading, and research, and a lot of listening to people. People I have had the pleasure to meet along the way from all races, religions and places. Racism is real but the reason for it is a flimsy house of cards built on fear and hate. The reality is that none of us are really that different from each other. Despite different skin colour, or religion, and ultimately most of us just want the same thing. To raise our families in peace and some level of property. So why point fingers and accuse each other of being more racist? Why can’t we discuss the ways in which we alike?


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