Today I applied for a passport

544198_526241474084301_1959699180_nLarry Smith (Vietnam Veteran),
Saint Louis, MO.

I look around and see white fear of black people (especially black men) on the rise as reflected in the rise of white gun possession. I also see things staying the same or getting worse for black people in terms of economics, education and housing. I would just like to live out my remaining years in an environment where I feel like a human being. 66 years of this crap is enough for me!!

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2 Responses to "Today I applied for a passport"
  1. Jonathyn Tellez says:

    I don’t know you, but I’ll be sorry to see you go. If you do leave Larry please tell us if it’s any better there, you deserve better!

  2. Truth seeker says:

    How is the white gun possession counted? Where did you get this information? How is it counted? By LAWFUL, LEGAL purchases? How can we account for ILLEGALLY OBTAINED GUNS? Which ethnicity would lead in that category? Statistics can be used to prove anything. It takes a very critical and multi-dimensional thinker to be able to differentiate between skewed information, and withheld information.

    I hope all communities can do what it takes to help their children, and teach their children about hard work, ethics, and the love for all humankind. I hope all families can teach their children about how important education is. Maybe then, we can all start feeling like human beings.

    Good luck Larry. Thank you for serving our country! Bless you

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