Tribalism is more divisive than race.

Elias Jones,
Charlottesville, VA.

It is tribalism that leads to assumptions both affirming (they are like me, they accept me, I am safe with them) and disruptive (they don’t like us, we don’t trust them, they are different). Tribalism perpetuates white privilege, empowers classism – which is informed and compounded by racism and sexism – collectively absolves abuse, fosters narrow concepts of community, amplifies distrust and fear, fuels separatist desire, and validates misconceptions. Too often, empathy ends at the tribal boundary. One reason those who choose bias over acceptance rebuke science is because modern science no longer categorizes humans by race, but by ethnic groups. Race is concept too easily institutionalized to enforce classist agendas. Ethnicity is closer in tone to cultural specificity. Consider the existence of tribes and how they might reinforce perceptions and attitudes toward race; law enforcement, political parties, families, neighborhoods, churches, hobbyists, etc. If your tribe insists on attributing all characteristics (positive and negative) to race, how likely is it that you will too? Unless you choose not to.

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One Response to "Tribalism is more divisive than race."
  1. Barry Irving says:

    INTERESTING…BUT TRIBALISM IS NOT NORMALLY ASSOCIATED WITH EUROPEANS ( Whites ) OF THIS AGE. What you left out or perhaps do not realize is that you illustrate only your negative perceptions of Tribalism _ a term associated with Native Indian and African people. Since you seem to be speaking to Whites, the use or understanding of Tribalism as a thing is left up to their personal view, knowledge and or their imagination. You never actually define what Tribalism is as a premise. You assume and imply ( or know ) that Whites are engaging this way that you state without qualification…and you IMPLY THE NOTION that your view of Tribalism is what TRIBALISM ( ROOT >TRIBE ) actually is. TRIBALISM proper is an example of “Like Mind and Way”…but that is a by product and derivative mindset. Tribalism first and foremost defines people in their Ancestral Mode from the Root foreworded by “ESSENTIAL TRIBAL” history, Culture, and legacy. You said that ( kind of ) from a different POV. My question is, do you feel that using the term TRIBAL to Modern Whites would project some rather distorted visions and thoughts in history? Seems that engaging that term as a filter >telling the American narrative?… would yield some emotion? What to call the “White named” population from an actual Tribal persons view would be 1. the Majority…among other popular cultural terms. The header “TRIBALISM IS MORE DIVISIVE THAN RACE”…EVOKES PROTEST AS A TITLE ITSELF…IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE ATTACKING TRIBAL ORIENTED CITIZENS – “and that happens to be a prevailing modern Majority view concerning African Americans and Protesting people of color >>>and “MAY” be identifying with an inner association of the term tribalism rather than actual Tribalism. Tribe is defined by people and their cultural imperatives or what the culture projects from the root >so with respect to Majority America, your terminology is creative but off realistically. It allows,
    ( which may or may not be your counsel? ) > one to escape a more damning title, label or association. So is it really teaching truth? If you are doing therapy?, then that’s beneficial as a tool of association, but you then later need to establish the reality and remove the cover of neutralized association of a thing that is absolutely not neutralized… facts are facts…

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