Trump may be our best friend

Tom Tito,
St. Petersburg, FL.

Maybe. We will know how good or bad the Trump administration is in a few months.
By “We” I mean low wage families trapped in crime infested inner cities with failing schools. Trump has talked about us, will he do anything?

I was shocked by the racism in the Republican campaign and never dreamed that neo-nazi and klan supporters would join the leadership of the GOP and have a seat in the White House. Blatant greed and corruption in the transition makes me doubt Trump can survive 4 years. His cabinet picks were horrible. Yet I find hope in a few actions he’s taken or might soon take.

TPP was a bad deal for the working class but great for the elite and corporate America. It’s dead. Trump may be bringing a few jobs home even as he lies and exaggerates the numbers. When Republicans in congress were about to cut back on ethics rules Trump killed this dastardly act with one tweet. Trump clearly promised not to cut social security, medicare or medicaid and said many time we need to cover everybody. 20 million people may be about to lose health insurance but his statements make it less likely Republicans can get away with this.
His ignorant belief that all black Americans live in squalor is understandable. This prejudice is widespread and just means Trump has never cared enough to get the facts. Few people outside of our neighborhoods do care. Black professionals who move to St. Pete tell me they were warned to stay away from my neighborhood.
I suspect Trump only wanted to point out the failure and hypocrisy of Democratic leaders and the left. We’ll see,
So I’m hopeful Trump will follow through on his promise to make our neighborhoods safe and improve our schools.


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