Twitter trends hashtag white girl problems

Kaitlyn Gravatt,
West Long Branch, NJ.
Monmouth University

Whenever I click on Twitter I see #whitegirlproblems. How is Starbucks running out of my favorite drink a white girl problem? How is my eyeliner on one eye not matching my other eye a white girl problem? It is hurtful to be put into this stereotype that we care more about superficial things over bigger issues. The white girl problem hashtag goes more in depth with the idea that if girls are interested in something then that means they are a certain type of person. My interest in Starbucks or makeup should not make me a superficial white girl. People should not make me feel bad for my interests or make it a joke on twitter. I should not be wondering if I get on line in Starbucks or post a picture with my drink is someone going to call me a basic white girl.


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