You two are such good people.

DSCF0933Erin Morris,
Tempe, AZ.

My husband and I have two sons adopted from S. Korea. When people feel compelled to mention our race difference or the obvious fact that our children are adopted, it is often along the lines of what “good people” we are, or how “lucky” our children are to have been adopted and brought to the U.S. This line of reasoning disgusts me. The world is overpopulated and there are children sitting in foster care and orphanages around the world who have little to no chance of having a supportive family structure.

Yet, many Americans spend years and tens of thousands of dollars to conceive babies that are genetic matches to themselves through a variety of unnatural medical procedures. No news story on infertility, IVF, clomid, or surregacy should be complete without mention of the other option to becoming a parent: adoption. It is unfortunate that people who face infertility by adopting their children should be viewed as “such good people”.


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