Two white dads. Three black kids.

image9Jack Montgomery,
Washington, DC.

My husband and I got married and adopted three beautiful children on the same day last summer. Happy times! I have learned more since these kids have arrived than I ever new possible. A same-sex parent family with trans racial kids draws a lot of attention both in the big city and in a rural Wal-Mart.

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3 Responses to "Two white dads. Three black kids."
  1. Team TRCP says:

    So much happiness in one picture!

  2. Maurin Quina says:

    Love is love.

  3. jpiovanetti says:

    Pioneers. That’s what you ALL are; the whole family.

    From another angle. A same-sex couple, with “different race” (note the quotes, as we are all HUMAN, just different amounts of melanin in our skin) children.

    If we take all the bigotry, hate, discrimination, religious-superstition, and other non-sense aside, can anyone imagine the experiences all the members of this family will have for the remainder of their lives…? How will they view the world….? How will they interact with others…? What kinds of messages, from fist-hand knowledge, can each transmit to others…?

    Please keep me posted. You are an example of where humankind is heading; that is, “tolerance for all kinds of diversity”. Be happy and may the almighty (in a non-religious or denominational, but rather spiritual-way) bless you all.

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