Not Understanding Doesn’t Make Me Racist

Rhonda Cavanaugh
Normandy Park, WA

My statement reflects how I feel when I don’t understand and ask questions of those who are further along in the antil racist work that we all do. I grew up in a white area but always managed to have friends of color. I didn’t always understand where they were coming from and still don’t. I ask lots of question so I can understand and be a great white ally. I work with a non profit organization that has a anti racism statement in it’s philosophy. I am proud to be a part of the talk and hopefully the solution. I’m raising a mixed child on my own in a predominantly white neighborhood, where I intentionally moved so she could have the best start in the best elementary school possible. This makes me mad that I had to do that….all children deserve the BEST education, the BEST parenting, and the BEST neighborhoods to grow up in. All deserve the BEST chances in life…..


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