Unlearning Imprinted Gender and Racial Biases

mcrossenMiles Crossen,
Friday Harbor, WA.

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  1. Miles Crossen says:

    I grew up in a predominantly white community in coastal
    Southern California. Other than a few Hispanic, Italian, and Asian families
    living nearby I had never befriended, learned with or worked with any non-white
    individuals until joining the Army in 1974.

    Television and movies taught me nearly everything I knew and
    greatly influenced my opinions of people from different countries and cultures,
    of different racial backgrounds, and about genders as well. Needless to say Hollywood’s
    depiction of non-whites and women in Westerns, Dramas, Comedies, and Adventures
    from the 1950s through the 2010s are not generally accurate or unbiased.

    I’ll be the first to admit I was and to a certain extent
    still am racist. I’m learning and attempting to change my views. Unfortunately
    it will take time. I don’t expect to erase nearly 60 years of subtly imbedded
    stereotypical views and misinformation. I am working on it though.

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