Vietnamese is difficult, love is stronger

DSC02116Tho Nguyen,
Greenbelt, MD.

Tho is from Vietnam and grew up in Tacoma
Amanda is from Oroville, grew up in the Tri-Cities
Tho and Amanda met at the Barnes and Noble in the U-Village while Tho was writing his dissertation
Tho and Amanda lived in Vietnam for 4 years since 2008
Amanda learned Vietnamese. Tho’s parents is pleased. Tho and Amanda married in 2012.
Tho and Amanda now live in Greenbelt, MD where Amanda is pursuing a PhD in Public Health at Johns Hopkins and Tho is an Fellow at the National Science Foundation.

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One Response to "Vietnamese is difficult, love is stronger"
  1. Kiyannah says:

    i think this statement is really showing how race should not over power love! Good Job!!

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