My voice is always hidden away.

brandy-robertsBrandy Roberts,
Cottonport, LA.

I am a loving mom of 2 beautiful kids. I am proud to be white, and I can not voice that to a single person, lest I be judged a racist. I have love pure and strong in my heart. I can not for the life of me understand why all whites are forced to apologize for being white. Why do all the other race’s get to throw shade and we are just suppose to take it and never speak up. I voted for Trump because I want change. We need unity. I am tired of having my voice taken from me. Truthfully I feel threatened by the black race. Not all but definitely a majority. I wish them the best in all they do. I have no hate for them. To me, they are unknown, and some are frightening. They are so strong in their beliefs and voice them constantly. If I voiced any of my proudness to be white, I would like some racist be yacht. And get jumped by a few. Just wish we could take pride in ourselves. There are so many organizations for black pride. We only had 1, the KKK, and seriously no white person wants to sign up for that.


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